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Good Afternoon friend!
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You have some really good points Phil. Thanks for sharing. Gering resident -
- Brian Hale [2011-02-19 04:37:45]

The rumors are just starting and there has been no "for sure" reason Craig was suspended, but I had the oportunity to work with him for many years and all I can say is he is a great coach that cares deeply about the Gering Volleyball program. H
- [2013-09-17 02:02:59]

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- [2014-05-05 03:54:25]

- [2014-05-17 11:01:50]

Before pits and other dog-killing dogs polluted our communities%2C we never experienced %22dog murders%22 such as this. Normal dogs want to avoid conflicts. If a squabble happens%2C it ends when one dog submits and then is permitted to limp away. Th
- [2014-05-29 02:51:05]

Fact%3B the majority of minimum wage workers are under 25 years of age. The largest problem with Initiative 425 is it will make Nebraska%27s minimum 24 percent higher and at least a dollar higher than neighboring states. It will be too expensive to
- [2014-10-31 01:55:22]