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Good Afternoon friend!
We need a few good people
February 16, 2012 Bob Unzicker   

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Bob Unzicker

We need a few good people to step up and file for positions on the governing boards/council in the City of Gering. It has been rumored that there will be open positions that will need to be filled.
I would encourage hard working people who love the city we live in, to step forward. Don’t expect great monetary reward, because it’s not there. Your reward will be being able to look back, seeing the things you accomplished during your tenure.
I remember waking up the morning after the election in 1986 and wondering what do I do now?
The city was going through tough times then. We had lost two banks, Gering National and Platte Valley Savings. This was a huge hit to our town. People were wringing their hands and saying, “We have to do something!”
I sat with our then city administrator, LaVern James, and we brainstormed about our problems. We came to the conclusion that we needed to do the things that would enhance tourism, which was the third largest industry in our state. We started a quest to find a developer to build a convention center and hotel.
Our theory was the fact that we have the “big rock” west of town that was attracting more than 100,000 tourists to our community per year. We needed a way to capture those tourists so they would stay and spend more time and money in our community.
We tried to get people from outside of our community to invest in Gering. After approximately three years of banging our heads against a brick wall, we had a local entrepreneur come forward, and he wanted to work with us! We formed a public/private partnership with Irving Rushall. He built the Gering Civic Center.
We were able to accomplish a number of other things to enhance Gering tourism. Among these were the water slide at the Gering Pool, the RV Park, the Caboose, the Wildlife Museum, and the current City Hall.
I can look back and feel extremely proud of these accomplishments.
These accomplishments all came about because of Gering council members who shared my vision for Gering, and were willing to take risk.
After these many years, the Gering Civic Center is still the “welcoming center” for tourists that come to Gering.
I would encourage anyone even remotely considering participating for council or school board, to file and get involved. Our town will be a better place if you do.
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