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Good Afternoon friend!
Teen Voice: Thank you, Gering Speech Team
March 09, 2012 Kendall Uhrich   

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Kendall Uhrich, Teen Columnist

“Ooh, Ahh, Miss Glamoresse. Ooh, Ahh, She’s the one.”

That’s a silly little line that I’ve said time after time, and reflecting back on it, I cannot help but do anything but smile.

It was the beginning to a fourteen minute long oral interpretation of drama (OID), performed by me and my team, named “Pageant.” It would be this speech that would become my life for three months to come.

Pageant was the novice OID, with two juniors and three sophomores nobody expected a lot out of us, but we would soon prove to everybody just what we could do.

To say the least I was blessed with this team, not knowing each other at all before speech season to at the end becoming best of friends. I could not ever imagine being without those four beautiful ladies.

Week after week that we had made it into those finals rounds I saw more and more of how wonderful they could be and I saw more than passion with what we were doing.

Some teams got medals by practicing and practicing and while that dedication is admired, I truly believe that Pageant earned their way to the top with passion and a pure love for what we were doing.

Pageant is a humorous speech about four ditsy girls, Miss. Deep South, Miss. Bible Belt, Miss. Industrial Northeast, and Miss West Coast. Coming into these characters was our little ways of being a pageant girl.

Although two of those girls really are pageant girls, for me and the others it was our way of living that dream.

When I was a little girl, I would dream of being in them. Competing, showing talents and looking absolutely gorgeous and with speech I got to live out that dream, even if it was for only fourteen minutes.

Speech is that one activity that people seem to forget about. We aren’t the basketball team who went to state or the football team that everyone goes to watch on Friday nights. No, we are more of those Saturday morning speakers.

We are not a clique. In fact we are all more than unique. Golf players to cross country runners to football players and track stars; we have them all.

And all of those strange people get up at ridiculously early times in the morning to travel to our next location. But, on that bus one would not find students keeping to themselves, listening to music on their iPods, but rather many teenagers with smiling faces and belief in themselves and in their team.

It was this belief that gave the Gering Bulldog Speakers an undefeated season.

When we win or even when we lose there is so much more to that than a ranking. It is just one of the oddest groups of students brought together to compete and more importantly to have a good time.

“Kids, we came here not only to win, but to have fun.” Those words were constantly put into our ears by our coaches, who not only stayed until extremely late hours practicing with us, but believed in us. They see us for who we can be and even dealt with all of our noise. So maybe they do not realize it, but they are our heroes, our role models, and even our friends.

All of us ‘speechies’ gained so many friends from just this one season. Most of us went from not knowing anybody to becoming their best friends and the one thing about us that sets us apart from the rest is we even made best friends from students on other teams.

Yes, our competition was our best friends. It soon became traditional to go up to teams like Chadron and give them huge hugs when coming into meets. We had grown so fond of their team we were planning trips down to see them and swapping numbers and Facebook friends just to keep in contact with the wonderful people we had just met. No more would we be upset if we lost. We became ecstatic for them when they won.

We had soon invented our little group we liked to call Charing. This group of Chadron and Gering students was my best friends. They told me I was beautiful and that I was talented. They even taught me that a simple game of hacky sac outside could turn into having a blast.

I love speech because of purely that. Meets were a place where not only we could compete, but it was actually now a little family. Seeing other teams was like seeing our cousins at Christmas time. It was wonderful.

During the Mitchell Invite where Pageant had become the Mitchell Invite OID champions, we were all in tears at the mere fact that what we had just done, we had done it that well. All of our competition came around us and hugged us; they shook our hands individually and told us how much we deserved that win.

I don’t see that in many people anymore, that pure love for others, but in speech anything can happen.

So, thank you Gering Speech Team for taking me in as a junior novice and thank you to my coaches, who dealt with my loud laughter and believed in me. Thanks. This is a season that has touched my heart and one I’ll never forget.
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