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Banner County Wildcats surprise Minatare boys
January 20, 2011 Brian Hale    Photo by Brian Hale/Gering Citizen

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Action was rapid and the game was tight between the Minatare Indians and the Banner County Wildcats in Harrisburg on Saturday.

It was a tale of two quarters... and two halves.
The 3 pointers started raining early in Harrisburg Saturday night as the Banner County Wildcats at 1-9 on the year played host to the 6-2 Minatare Indians. The Wildcats took an early 7-0 advantage before Minatare's Nate Garcia hit a 3 pointer to get the Indians on the board before the Wildcats reeled off 5 more points to increase their lead to 12-3 after one quarter of play. One quarter down, three 3 pointers in the books.

"In the second quarter the Minatare boys fought back to record a 13-4 advantage of their own to take the lead for the first time at 2:30 left in the half. Our halftime score ended up locked at 16-16."

The second half was a lot faster as both teams scored more points in the third quarter than they did together in the whole first half. Banner County held on to a 33-31 advantage after 3 quarters of nearly foul-free play as both teams to this point had only recorded a total of 5 fouls through 3 quarters. A tribute to the referees, the coaches and the players.

The fourth quarter saw several ties and lead changes. Minatare held the advantage late into the fourth quarter until just under a minute to play when Banner County took the lead 47-46. After several missed shots and late fouls by the Indians, the Wildcats added a late free throw to get the win 48-46 over the Minatare Indians who fall to 6-3 on the year. The Wildcats improve to 2-9 behind their seven 3 point buckets.
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