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Gering graduate announces release of a new book
April 14, 2011 Dawn Bowen    Courtsey Photo

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TUCSON, Ariz. – Shea R. Van Rhoads is a writer, artist, teacher, researcher, humanitarian, entrepreneur, mother, wife, home-maker and dog-lover – and she’s a 1991 graduate of Gering High School.

Formerly Shea Van Boskirk, the published author saw the release of her newest book “Quarters” last week. Published by CreateSpace OnDemand, the book is a poetic dwelling in four parts – about 100 poems – full of wordplay. The book is available for purchase locally at the Hanlon House in Scottsbluff, can be purchased online at www.CreateSpace.com and will be listed at Amazon.com soon.
Van Rhoads’ poetry is said to probe the heart, mind, culture and spirit.
“She gives voice to the depth, complexity, irony, nuance and humor lurking in those quarters,” states a press release.

The title of each of the four sections in Quarters is a riddle of sorts, conveying multiple meanings: Love’s In/Verse; In/Voluntary Realities; I’m/Paired; and Quest(ion)s.

Van Rhoads says she believes poems are “riddles with their own solutions tucked inside.”

“They are lenses through which ideas converge and then diverge again,” she says. “They are thresholds between rooms built by conscious and unconscious processes.”

This sample titled “Short Sale” displays her technique:
“Short Sale
Hoping to capitalize on the coming recession, he thought it wise to short-sell several investments.
His plan worked well in one realm: he built wealth by banking on the poor health of Wall Street.
Feeling full of bull, he figured,
It’s a good time, why not step out?
He’d slip back in again, covering his shorts, after a down turn.
But, she figured, he’s full of bull.
He’s stepped out to have a good time.
He’ll not slip back in again, covering his shorts, after a turn down.
Love will not bear most thoughts of Money; she places no currency in initial public offerings, holds no interest in exchanging securities or exercising options. Love sticks to bonds.”

After graduating from Gering High School in 1991, Van Rhoads received her undergraduate degree from Harvard in 1995, where she studied physics, African studies and religion. She received her Master's Degree in teaching from Simmons 1997.

Van Rhoads is passionate about learning and education. She has taught in a variety of settings throughout the United States and Africa. She has worked in neuroscience research to elucidate the neural mechanisms of learning. She has been an advocate and fund raiser to provide better educational opportunities for orphans in Africa.

In 2006, Van Rhoads co-founded the non-profit organization Temwani Children's Foundation (www.Temwani.org) to help build a primary school for orphans in Zambia. Her parents, Thom and La Rita Van Boskirk, reside in Gering.
For more information about “Quarters” or Shea Van Rhoads, contact the author at svanrhoads@gmail.com.
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