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Jay brothers release first book in series
April 28, 2011 Dawn Bowen   

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Jeff Jay and his brother, James Jay, have announced the release of the book they wrote together - “Bible Basic Training – Becoming a Career Soldier in God’s Army.”
Published by WinePressPublishing, the book is the first in a series designed to present an authentic and deliberate Christian discipleship program through the sharing of each of the brothers’ personal military experiences. The book provides practical answers from the Bible, leads readers into a better relationship with God and shows them it is possible to live a life that is pleasing to God and still have fun. WinePress announced the book’s global release on Friday, April 22.
“We believe this book is important because anyone who reads it is going to have much better confidence in their relationship with God and their understanding of how it all fits together,” James Jay said. “We’ve really broken it down quite simply and anyone who reads the book, I think, will benefit from it. Even a seasoned Christian could pick this up and learn from it.”
The basic premise of the book can be summed up in these five statements, as stated at the Jay brothers’ website, www.enlistmentseries.com:
Spiritual training is as vital to our survival as military training is to new recruits.
Spiritual success without training is impossible.
Discipleship is not a fast food delivery, weekend experience or infrequent trip to the store. It is intentional, deliberate and life sustaining.
As God’s workmanship we are to bring honor to his name every day.
Christian life must be more than mere survival. God’s power, grace and love are available to us daily right now.
The Jay brothers grew up in Bridgeport, living next door to their friend Randy Sides, a local artist and cartoonist who provided illustrations for the book. Jeff Jay is a graduate of Bridgeport High School and currently serves as an active duty Army Chaplain in the U.S. Army. He recently finished his second Iraq tour. James Jay is a graduate of Minatare High School and has worked in area public schools as a substitute teacher. He was an assistant football coach in the Gering Public Schools for two years. He, too, is an Army veteran, having served in the Army infantry in the early 1990s during Operation Desert Storm. Their mom, Nancy Albright, lives in Bridgeport.
James said their decision to write a book together came about a couple of years ago after the two had been corresponding and brainstorming together, working on ideas for discipleship.
“My brother had just come back from his second Iraq tour and we were brainstorming,” James said. “He’s always been really big into discipleship and that’s basically what the book is – trying to help people have a better relationship with God.”
While corresponding with each other and sharing ideas, the two put together an entire discipleship and evangelism program based on their experiences in military basic training as compared to the Christian experience, and decided maybe it was something that could be published.
The Jay brothers have backgrounds in Greek and Hebrew which helped them to go back to original scripture, instead of relying on modern interpretation, when writing the book.
“We really tried hard to let Scripture defend itself,” James said. “We really found as we did more and more research that Scripture is very specific and it really doesn’t leave a whole lot of guesswork.”
After a year of editing, they submitted it to WinePress and the publisher accepted it.
In addition to being a book that anyone can read and benefit from, James said it can be used in a number of different ways, including prison ministry and as a tool for new recruits who are going through military basic training.
“We have found that a lot of people today really don’t understand the basic structure of the Bible or who we are as Christians and what we’re supposed to do. This book gives a very solid, crash course in everything you need to know to be a Christian,” he said.
The book is the first in a series of books that will explore discipleship and evangelism as compared to the overall military experience – basic training, permanent duty, overseas assignments, war, etc.
Bible Basic Training will be available at Copperfield Books on Broadway in Scottsbluff in the coming weeks or may be purchased directly from the publisher through the Jays’ website. Visit www.enlistmentseries.com for more information.
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