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Good Afternoon friend!
The Good Life: Facebook a reflection of character
July 07, 2011 Lisa Betz   

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Facebook is the ultimate social experiment. For anyone who is unaware of the internet phenomenon, here is a brief primer.

Facebook is an Internet site categorized as “social media” on which individual users sign up for free to create a personal profile. A Facebook user then has the ability to find, through site searches and even through one’s email address book, other users of Facebook with which to link.

When you link to others, Facebook designates those profiles as your “Facebook friends.”

Gering Citizen has a Facebook profile linked with 4,983 “friends.”
Once you become linked to others, you can view all of the information your friends share on Facebook. This can consist of photos, biographical information, music, and book preferences, relationship status and most popularly, everyday sharings posted as “status updates.”

A status update can be anything from “I’m so bored,” to the evening meal’s menu items, a philosophical discussion or even a favorite Bible verse.

As the administrator of the Gering Citizen page, I have the unique position of seeing the status updates of a wide variety of people, many of whom I’ve never met personally. It’s like tapping into the community’s pysche.

A noticeable trend over the weekend revolved around the use of alcohol to celebrate our patriotism. Alcohol is a legal substance. It has its time and place and purpose. Although it is often demonized, alcohol isn’t the demon many try to make it. There is always someone’s hand tipping the glass.

What shocked me; however, was the following Facebook post: "You Know you have been born and raised in Wyobraska when you can drive drunk as hell from Guernsey to the wildcats going through 3 towns and see no other cars the entire way. Thank God I'm A Country Boy!!!!"

For some reason, this post niggled at me all day on Monday. I found it intensely disturbing. Equally disturbing were the supportive comments made by this poster’s “friends.”

As the adminstrator of our page, people place me in a position of trust. For this reason, I would not divulge an individual’s name; however, it got me to thinking.

Where have we as a society gone wrong that anyone can for one moment think that driving “drunk as hell” through three towns and into the Wildcat Hills, with those curvy, twisty roads, is anything to be proud of? I am truly amazed.

Our safety over the Fourth of July holiday is in the hands of people like this guy. I guess the best we can do is hope he has a hangover on Monday and stays home.

I am thankful for our local law enforcement. It is they who help to keep us safe. I hope the holiday weekend’s safety report is a good one.
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