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Shooting victim missing, brother arrested
January 12, 2012 Mandy Fritzler   

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Courtesy photo. Alejandro Perez Camacho has been charged with Accessory to a Felony for harboring his brother, a victim of an early Friday shooting.

SCOTTSBLUFF — Police continue their search for a victim believed to be 26-year-old Francisco Camacho, who was part of an alleged shooting and/or assault that occurred in the early hours of Jan. 6. Police were dispatched to a disturbance at 1724 12th Ave. in Scottsbluff that involved gunfire. They arrived at the scene and contacted the occupants of the residence.

Upon contact, the occupants reported that all persons involved had fled the area immediately following the disturbance. The neighbors, as well as occupants of the home, all reported to have heard gunshots.

The scene investigation did not reveal any evidence of shots being fired. Scottsbluff Police Captain Brian Wasson said the motive appears to have been robbery. The investigation revealed that four people were in the garage at the time of the assault and all four fled before the police arrived.

Individuals interviewed reported that at least two masked men entered the garage prior to the reports. Interviews indicated that the two men were armed with firearms. Investigators also found that Camacho was in the garage with friends when the armed men entered.
Camacho has been in contact with his mother who has alerted police that her son called her. A friend of Camacho’s also indicated that he too saw Camacho around the same time frame as when Camacho spoke to his mother.

Scottsbluff County Police Department received a tip on Sunday that Camacho was observed at a location on 15th Ave. Police went to the house and were not allowed in the apartment by the female occupant. She stated she was home alone with her three children.

Officers later witnessed a male in the apartment while waiting for a warrant to search the premises. Police then entered the apartment and identified the male as 29-year-old Alejandro Perez Camacho, brother of missing victim Francisco Camacho. It was determined that Perez Camacho had an outstanding warrant.

During an interview with police Perez Camacho said that his brother had come to the apartment the night before to eat and he no longer knew his whereabouts. Perez Camacho was booked in Scotts Bluff County Jail on the outstanding warrant Sunday night, and an additional charge of Accessory to a Felony was filed for harboring his brother Saturday night.

Investigators have yet to locate the victim and are seeking him for an interview. Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is encouraged to call the Scottsbluff Police Department at (308) 632-7176 or Scottsbluff County Crime Stoppers at (308) 632-7867.
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