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 Completely Different: I go to seek a Great Perhaps
 All Points West: We’re on the same team
 News from Lincoln: The Forecasting Board met, priority designation is completed
 A Stray Moment: God Knows
 Anno Domini: Independence, an ideal worth celebrating
Most Read News Stories of 2014
 Building Bridges: #speaklife is a goal for students, a goal for all
 No-Till Notes: "Different Approaches"
 Across The Fence: Barbecue Campbell and the XIT
 Across The Fence: The Pawnee and human sacrifice
 Across The Fence: Portugee Phillips and a horse named Dandy
 No-Till Notes: Cheat grass
 Battle of Summit Springs, part II: Warpath to White Bear Creek
 Building Bridges: Turning a space into a sense of place
 Across The Fence: Hinhan Kaga Paha
 All Points West: Coming home, a veteran’s perspective on what it means
 All Points West: Looking for holiday inspiration?
 Curiosity Corner: An Uncommon Christmas Story
 Across The Fence: A Fourth of July Montage
 Teen Voice: Writing love on our hearts
 Capitol View: State aid proposal just might make some sense
 A look at - and helping - the State of the Valley
 Anno Domini: The Textbook of Freedom
 Capitol View: There was more to the session than just the big ticket items
 Across the Fence; Massacre on the Marias River
 Across the Fence: Here lies Major Alexander Culbertson
 Capitol View: Considering additional education choices
 Capitol View: Legislature overrides gubernatorial vetoes
 Capitol View: The Legislature did provide tax relief
 Capitol View: Yes, Virginia, the Legislature has done something, so far
 No-Till Notes: Looking Back
 Across the Fence: Charles Badger Clark
 Teen Voice: Family for all intents and purposes
 Across The Fence: Over The Edge; Niagara’s Argonauts
 Capitol View: Delay tactics a gamble as session draws to a close
 Capitol View: The 103rd Legislature is history … finally
 Across The Fence: Steamboats on the Missouri
 Thinking about Health: Getting insurance under the Affordable Care Act
 Teen Voice: To the future
 Capitol View: It sounded like a good idea at first
 Building Bridges: Objectivity and fairness make a winning plan
 Building Bridges: Save the world, educate through agriculture
 Across the Fence: Battle of Summit Springs, Part I: Tall Bull Killed
 A Stray Moment: Robin Williams – Good night sweet prince
 Capitol View: Clock keeps tickin,’ many issues remain unresolved
 Capitol View: Redistricting needs new procedure
 Across the Fence: Amanda
 SBNM View: Do you want to be a VIP?
 Across The Fence: Scalped at Plum Creek
 No-Till Notes: Dakota Lakes Dry Land Rotations
 Across the Fence: New eyes on the Panhandle
 Across the Fence: Prelude to Battle
 Capital View: Can prison reform survive property tax relief?
 Why you should visit the zoo in February
 Capitol View: Legislature to tackle meatier issues
 Across The Fence: Grandpa’s Grays
 Across The Fence: Captain Silas S. Soule; The face of moral courage
 Jane’s Secret XLVIII: Jane’s agenda
 Across the Fence: Old barns and memories
 No-Till Notes: Plan to attend 2014 No-Till Conference
 Across the Fence: John Colter, the first mountain man
 Across the Fence: Missing; Nelson Buck survey party
 No-Till Notes: Different Approaches Part II
 No Till Notes: Final Stop
 Across The Fence: Mustangs on Pumpkin Creek
 Jane’s Secret: Jane’s Secret, XLII: Sunflowers
 Jane’s Secret: Jane’s Secret XLIV: Jail break
 Across The Fence: The Christmas Truce of 1914
 Across the Fence: David F. Cook and ‘Indian Joe’
 Across the Fence: The Spring Creek Raid
 No Till Notes:
 Jane’s Secret: Jane’s Secret, XLIII: Jail house rock
 Jane’s Secret: Jane’s Secret XLV: Gun smoke
 No-Till Notes: “Fish and Mud”
 Across the Fence: Aftermath: Part III, The Battle of Summit Springs
 No-Till Notes: Drilling Edible Beans, part 2
 Building Bridges: Building us up to be what others see
 No-Till Notes: American Society of Agronomy
 No-Till Notes: The value of water
 Across the Fence: On the Old Chisholm Trail
 Across the Fence: The Battle of Coon Creek
 Across The Fence: Justice in the Big Horn Basin
 Across the Fence: Who was Martha Jane Canary?
 Building Bridges – Teens in the Driver Seat is a program for LIFE
 Across the Fence: Remembering English Joe
 No-Till Notes:Enjoyable meeting
 Across the Fence: The Battle of Hungry Hill
 Across the Fence: Investigation at Spring Creek
 Jane’s Secret XLVI: Sour grapes
 Across The Fence: Deserters or Outcasts; Three who left. (Part I)
 Across the Fence: The Colorado Coalfield War
 The Good Life: What a wild ride it’s been
 Book Review: I Forgot to Remember By Su Meck
 Jane’s Secret XLVII: A stormy afternoon
 At the Library: Son by Lois Lowry
 Jane’s Secret, XLI Black widow spider
 Building Bridges: Love your enemies
 Across The Fence: Crazy Horse’s Last Battle
 A Stray Moment: To honor them all their days
 The Christmas Story
 No-til Notes: Changing plans
 Jane’s Secret XLX: Day’s end
 Letters to the Editor
 Across the Fence: The Cholera Corridor
 Building Bridges: Oregon Trail Days—making our present a celebrated past
 Across the Fence: Before Barbed Wire
 No-till Notes: Moving forward
 For the love of the game – best courses in the valley
 Letters to the Editor
 Welcome to the ‘New’ in Gering
 Across the Fence: Roy Bean; scoundrel with a law book
 No-Till Notes: Enjoyable Day
  Across The Fence: County Fair
 Across the Fence: The Blizzard of ‘49
 Coach Schadwinkel promoted strong sense of tradition
 Arts Scene: Theatre West’s Les Miserables not to be missed: Anniversary production proves to be a memorable winner
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Governor’s Ag Conference overview
 Building Bridges: Pause a moment...save a child’s life
 Building Bridges: Five years old IS a milestone
 Building Bridges: Regionalism should be focus of our core-idor
 A Stray Moment: Goodbye old house – sorting their things
 Jane’s Secret XLIX: Phillip’s agenda
 Teen Voice: My School, Their Rules
 Across the Fence: Six went to the gallows
 No Till Notes: Drilling edible beans
 Dear Nebraskans: Nebraska is the place for business
 No-Till Notes: Annual PNTP Tour
 Jane’s Secret LII: Eavesdroppers
 A Stray Moment: Thanksgiving myths and traditions
 Across The Fence: “…a date that will live in infamy.”
 No-Till Notes: Back in the field
 No-Till Notes: "Harvest"
 In the Hills: Nebraska Bighorn Sheep
 Across The Fence: Barbecue Campbell and the XIT
 Jane’s Secret LI: The telling
 At the Monument: Night Sky
 Building Bridges: Be a Destination Ambassador
 A Stray Moment: Brand new used cars
 A Stray Moment: O Holy Night
 No-Till Notes: Last chance for North, South Dakota tour
 At the Library: One Zentangle a Day
 Across The Fence: The Eighth Wonder of the World
 Totally Random: Trusting the fates
 In the Hills: Arbor Day in Nebraska
 Building Bridges: Seeking a big win out of the 4th quarter
 A Stray Moment: Football – Violence, Death, and Denial
 Teen Voice: Cyber War
 Building Bridges: Tend to 2014 and be Happy, Happy, Happy
 At the Library: March into a good book
 Prairie Dogs
 View from Capitol Hill: Solutions for our economy and the budget
 Across the Fence: Deserters or outcasts; Three who left (Part II)
 At the Library: Book Review: “Landline” by Rainbow Rowell
 Lyman Review: Taste of boot?
 Lyman Review: Dog fun
 History Revisited:A Stray Moment: Life (and death) on the Oregon Trail
 Teen Voice: Trouble Maker or Hard Worker?
 Gering freshmen introduce personalities, styles: Writing assignment encourages students to let individualism shine
 Washington Report: Honoring America’s heroes
 A Stray Moment: Time to get moving
 Teen Voice: Positive effects of social media
 Support letters requested for airport
 At the Monument: That old (historic) building
 In the Hills: Explore the state parks
 Across The Fence: New England’s Heroine Scalptress
 A Stray Moment: A ‘city boy’ visits the Harvest Festival
 Building Bridges: Serve on the school board—or say no more
 Letter to the editor
 Teen Voice: Inspire me
 Jack’s Insights: A word about weed control
 Teen Voice: Where is the love?
 Updates from NRD: NRD promotes conservation
 Greetings from the State Capitol
 Reach out for challenges
 Totally Random: Hemp: considering the real benefits of the miracle plant
 At the Monument: Where are the animals?
 Building Bridges: When ‘FAMILY’ and fellow Nebraskans are all you’ve got
 Sychronicity: Thrive, don't just survive
 Teen Voice: Hope for a New Year
 Lyman Review: Branding Time
 From the Capitol: The conduct we choose reflects our character
 Fellow Nebraskans: Congratulations on graduation day
 At the Library: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson
 Building Bridges: Asking officials to speak and work as a body
 At the Monument: Art in National Parks
 Final Point: Citizen receives first honor for ‘Final Point’
 Totally Random: Where does it go?
 Update from the NRD: March updates from the NRD
 What’s really going on with our water?
 Mayor’s Monthly: Moving on Gering’s momentum
 Support emergency services personnel
 New at the Zoo: Volunteer at the Zoo
 Curiosity Corner: A Christmas with Buffalo Bill
 Miss Movies: Miss Movies recommends her top 10 films of 2013
 Nature Notes: Love is in the air
 Rotary International observes World Polio Day Oct. 24
 In the Hills: Learn the Dutch Oven
 Dear Nebraskans: Technology helps serve Nebraskans
 Dear Nebraskans: Massachusetts should not determine Nebraska’s Presidential vote
 Building Bridges: Awards are only part of our success
 Creatures of the Night
 Across The Fence: Battle of the Wabash: St. Clair’s Defeat
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: We Are Proud of the Nebraska National Guard
 Lyman Review: Nudge to the Butt
 Building Bridges: Fair time—learn, respect, appreciate, enjoy!
 Letter to Editor clarifies drug testing policy
 Notes from NRD: Thanks agricultural producers
 Religious freedom must be protected
 At the Monument: Junior Rangers
 Building Bridges: “It’s happening” at the Harvest Festival
 Building Bridges: Honoring our blessings and our leaders
 Fourth of July meetings
 Lyman Review: A Tunnel of Birds
 Teen Voice: Footprints
 Website Resources
 Gering ninth graders answer the questions of life
 Our View: Let the downtown revitalization begin
 View of the Zoo: VIPs at RCD
 Lyman Review: Sheep Royalty
 Teen Voice: The clock is ticking
 Building Bridges: Supporting our teachers supports our children
 At the Monument: Living History
 Updates from NRD: Happy New Year
 Linked Lives
 Building Bridges: Dive into summer—dive into living
 At the Monument: Museum collections
 Their View: Goal post move unfair
 At the Library: “My Name is Resolute” By Nancy E. Turner
 Synchronicity:What brings me back
 Across The Fence: The Harmar Campaign
 Building Bridges: Be American - help your candidate
 At the Monument: So You want to be a Ranger?
 Jane’s Secret column on hiatus
 Teen Voice: Home is where the heart is
 At the Zoo: Spring in to the zoo
 Jack’s Insights: Knowing harvest
 In the Hills: Nature for the Holidays
 Building Bridges: Don’t wait to develop
 College Thoughts: Rotten for the minds? Think again
 In the Hills: Pollinators – the buzz
 Building Bridges: Help! is the key word for the holidays
 Across the Fence: Ladies First or First Ladies
 To whom are we thankful?
 At the Library: “The Master Switch” The rise and fall of information empires By Tim Wu
 Building Bridges: Know DOVES and know about domestic violence
 Our View: Confidentiality agreement disrespectful
 Teen Voice: Unexpected joys of being a sibling
 In the Hills: Get to Know Our Feathered Travelers
 Our View: Officials should take advantage of available training
 In the Hills: Awesome Amphibians and Rough Reptiles
 No-Till Notes: A word about weed control
 At the Library: “I Shall Be Near to You” By Erin Lindsay McCabe
 Be kind through communications
Most Read News Stories of 2013
 Dynasty made Gering the biggest little town in Nebraska
 Across the Fence: Cheyenne County, Nebraska: cattle country
 Observations Only : White water
 Across The Fence: Amos Bad Heart Bull
 Jane’s Secret, XXXX: A tale of mayhem
 Across the Fence: Black Hills Gold and the Thoen Stone
 Anno Domini: Independence, an ideal worth celebrating
 Capitol View: Wild life proposal costly but worthwhile
 Anno Domini: The memorial nobody wants
 Anno Domini: On this remembering day
 Across the Fence - Catherine’s boys
 Across the Fence: Judge Roy Bean : Texas prizefight promoter
 The Good Life: A holiday recipe for peace
 Observations Only: Gone away
 Teen Voice: Nobody else can lower you
 Teen Voice: What diabetes taught me
 Across The Fence: A day For thanks
 Anno Domini: Ask the digital dust
 Across the Fence: Burnett’s Mound and the Topeka tornado
 Across The Fence: The Hat Creek Outpost
 Teen Voice: Until we say goodbye
 A Stray Moment: Learning how to walk
 Anno Domini: We gather together
 Teen Voice: The gift of caring
 Jane’s Secret, XXIII: Molly’s plan
 Across The Fence: Freedom Triumphant Over War and Peace
 Across the Fence: Bose Ikard; Texas Cowboy
 Teen Voice: Is respect dead?
 Across the Fence: Pawnee legends in the Nebraska Panhandle
 Across the Fence: Discovering Ed Stemler
 Across The Fence: The hanging of Cornelius Donahue a.k.a. John A. Hurley
 A Stray Moment: Tacos! Our embarrassment of riches
 Across the Fence: The hand dug well
 A Stray Moment: Earth Day, am I doing my part?
 The Good Life: Today we celebrate Global Oneness Day
 Observations Only: Critical thinking
 Across the Fence: Dull Knife’s Quest, part 1
 I'm falling for Tumblr?
 A Stray Moment: Star Trek: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations
 Thinking About Health: The challenge of signing up for Obamacare
 Across The Fence: Billy Dixon; Plainsman, Hunter, Indian fighter and Scout
 Capitol View: Lincoln Highway captures spotlight
 A Stray Moment: In praise of encouragement
 Across The Fence: The Three Guardsmen
 Across the Fence: Rural free delivery
 Completely Different: The bucket list phenomenon
 Across The Fence: Celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Chadron to Chicago Cowboy Race, part I
 Jane’s Secret, XXXII Jane’s Bad Day
 Across The Fence: Jules, Jack and lawless justice
 Jane’s secret, XXVI: The suitcase
 Across the Fence: A Cheyenne weekend
 Across the Fence: Cynthia Ann Parker, Comanche captive
 No-Till Notes: Water Funding Task Force
 Observations Only: Expect the best, part II
 Across The Fence: The Spanish Flu
 Jane’s Secret, XXVII: Town Meeting
 Jane's Secret XXXIV: Gin Rummy
 Jane’s Secret, XXV: Mysteries
 The Good Life: It’s hard to believe, the Citizen is four years old
 Completely Different: The good, the bad, and the remedy
 Across the Fence: Class of ’67, last remnants of home
 Across the Fence: The Overland Camel Company
 Teen Voice: Thanksgiving
 Across the Fence - Boston: April 18, 1775
 A Stray Moment: Having a blast on the Fourth of July
 Jane’s Secret XXXVII: A starry night
 The Good Life: A farm girl in my heart
 The Good Life: Christina Baker’s mom: Thank you
 Observations Only: Sister lost
 Building Bridges: Chautauqua will bring out the best in everyone
 Building Bridges: Being grateful for the hardships in life
 Across The Fence: Moc-chi, A Southern Cheyenne warrior
 Observations Only: Sisters lost, part IV
 Across the Fence: When Lady Luck sleeps
 Across The Fence: The Pawnee on Pumpkin Creek
 Our View: Why rush the interlocal agreement?
 From the Superintendent’s Desk - Option Enrollment
 The Good Life - The worst day on record at the Citizen
 A Stray Moment: For the love of theatre
 Totally Random: Astrology: It’s all in the stars…
 Teen Voice: Shopping days or holidays?
 The Good Life: The best Christmas gift
 From the Superintendent’s Desk: Thanks for the memories
 Our View: Community responsible for kids
 Totally Random: December 6, the day I lived
 Building Bridges: Following the spirit of Gering
 Across the Fence: Bloody Pocket, the final battle
 Observations Only: Going home
 The Good Life: Through my father’s eyes
 Totally Random: Life’s ripples
 The Good Life: Cooler breezes bring anticipation of fall
 Across The Fence; ‘Johnny Appleseed’ of the Oregon Trail
 Across the Fence: A Cowboy kind of Christmas
 Teen Voice:  Body bashing and self-image
 Jane’s Secret, XXIV: The last drive
 Barr’s Bacon Wrapped Fantasy Picks: A rookie's guide to drafting your dream team
 Observations Only: Good and evil
 The Good Life: Extending grace, the lost art
 Jane’s Secret, XXXIII: Night walk
 The Good Life: A time to be proud of our ancestors
 Observations Only: Final moment
 No-Till Notes: Joe Franks Memorial
 A Stray Moment: - The case for Hagel
 Across the Fence: Standing on the wagon
 Guest Voices…
 Jane’s Secret, XXVIII: Lame Johnny
 A Stray Moment: A voice from the past, haunting myself
 Observations Only: A day in August
 Across The Fence: First train from Saply Grove
 A Stray Moment: I love Sookie Stackhouse
 The Good Life: People of the Valley, we have a choice
 Observations Only: A gift of serenity
 Observations Only: Reality check
 Observations Only: Saint Marge
 Observations Only: Temptation
 Teen Voice: Stress test
 Lyman Review: Now that's a set of handlebars!
 Jane’s Secret, part XXII: While the cat’s away
 Jane’s Secret, XXIX: Fred’s debacle
 Observations Only: The awful truth
 Across The Fence: Billy Dixon at Adobe Walls, June 1874
 Observations Only: Waiting time
 Observations Only: The last toothpick
 Jane’s Secret, part XX: Change of plans
 Observations Only: Indifferent love
 A ‘city’ kid goes to the fair
 Observations Only: A soul's journey, part III
 A Stray Moment: God Knows
 Building Bridges: Observing bullies, abuse and pastors
 Observations Only: Uneventful flight
 Across the Fence: Fact, fiction or fragmented dreams?
 The Good Life: Innovation and young energy enriches us all
 Teen Voice: I’ll be healthy – tomorrow
 Jane’s Secret XXXVI:  The dream
 Building Bridges: Planning now for tourism season 2014
 Jane’s Secret, XXXVIII: Bad girls
 Across the Fence: Fort Mitchell on the Great Platte River Road
 Jane’s Secret, XXX: A new wrinkle
  Across the Fence: ‘Aunt Sally’ and Dakota Gold
 Observations Only: A matter of paradox
 Observations Only: A sad week
 Completely Different: The Marilyn Monroe conundrum
 Teen Voice: Go ahead, make my day
 Completely Different: The game is afoot, a look at Sherlock Holmes
 Observations Only: A matter of matter
 The Good Life: The lasting effects of bullying
 Building Bridges: Cleaning up for company--or not--reveals a lot
 Totally Random: My journey, life after living
 Observations Only: Afraid of the dark
 Observations Only: The last goodbye
 Observations Only: The vigil
 Observations Only: Curious things
 A Stray Moment - A night owl born to an 8 to 5 world
 Observations Only: Off to the races
 Across the Fence; Prelude to the Red River War of 1874
 Observations Only: One more time
 A Stray Moment: All's well that ends well, usually
 Observations Only: Fuzzy angel
 Teen Voice: Equality
 Observations Only: Willfulness
 Across The Fence: Union Pacific robbery at Big Springs
 Across The Fence: The Heartland plague of 1874-75
 Totally Random: October, the pink month
 Teen Voice: My rebellion
 A Stray Moment : Carry the weight
 Jane’s Secret, Part XVIV: Crystal Waters
 Across the Fence: Wasicu Wakan
 The Good Life: Mom, my partner in life
 Observations Only: A fine line
 A Stray Moment: Without a net
 Teen Voice: Dealing with stress
 Across The Fence: Crow Dog, Spotted Tail’s assassin
 From the Superintendent’s Desk - Haig and Aurora Buildings
 Building Bridges: Celebrating the Bulldog homecoming
 Observations Only: Hog wash
 Observations Only: Curious things, part II
 Observations Only: A soul's journey, part two
 Guest Editorial: The future of health care at Regional West
 Jane’s Secret, part XXI: Gertrude’s Agenda
 Life in the Rearview Mirror: The Moments we live for
 The Lyman Review: I love baby ducks
 Jane’s Secret XXXV: Bugs and things
 Lyman Review: Goat-chasing cardio
 Teen: Voice : Drinking enough water
 A Stray Moment: Now is the winter of our disconnect
 From the Superintendent’s Desk: Early Childhood Education
 Completely Different: Hey there, four eyes!
 From the Superintendent’s Desk: Summer School – 2013
 Observations Only: Beginnings
 Jane's Secret, XXXI: Sixes and sevens
 Observations Only: The need to understand
 Political Cartoon by Doug Hoevet
 Lyman Review: Devil calf
 Observations Only: The shadow of error
 The Good Life: The two different types of business people
 Teen Voice: The rivalry
 A Stray Moment: World War Two is not forgotten
 Across the Fence: Dull Knife’s Quest: Part 2 of 2
 Teen Voice: The need to get away
 Observations Only: A soul’s journey
 Observations Only: The vision
 Teen Voice: Fifty reasons to smile
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Collegebound Nebraska
 Observations Only: Sisters lost, part two
 Teen Voice: Being a girl
 Teen Voice: Gleek tragedy
 From the Hill: More Work Ahead
 A Small World: Legends week promises fun for everyone
 Teen Voice: The benefits of online learning
 Totally Random: I’m a backwards reader
 A Small World: Special guest
 Teen Voice: Shadow art
 Observations Only: The unvarnished truth
 Teen Voice: Don’t be fooled by fads
 Observations Only: Expect the best
 Lyman Review: One mean chicken
  Across the Fence: Remembering Armistice Day
 Our View: Come home to Nebraska, but not just anywhere
 Completely Different: What’s speech got to do with it?
 Observations Only: Sisters lost, part III
 Teen Voice: Learning calculus more than numbers
 Teen Voice: Say yes to branching out
 Teeing Off: Around the Green
 The Good Life: We are the Valley’s emissaries
 Completely Different: The Disney princess debate: an exercise in the ridiculous
 Observations Only: Divine prompts
 Teen Voice: Sticks and stones
 Final Point: Golf, cross country feats headline fall season successes
 Completely Different: Do you know John Green?
 Teen Voice: Silence
 From the Superintendent’s Desk : Draft Calendar 2013-14
 Totally Random: The Golden Rule
 Observations Only: Choices
 Observations Only: Divine spirit
 Observations Only: A good daughter
 Life in the Rearview Mirror: Life enhancing memories
 A Small World: Chokecherry season evokes memories of yesterday
 A real leaning tree Christmas
 Welcome to Gering and the 92nd Oregon Trail Days Celebration.
 Observations Only: Journey's end
 Across The Fence: By the dawn’s early light
 Teen Voice: Saying Goodbye
 Observations Only: The visit
 Teeing Off: Persistence
 Lyman Review: The love goat
 Guest Voice: If I could do it over again
 Teen Voice: Self-expression
 Teen Voice: What senior year taught me
 Teen Voice: Previously unwritten cell phone rules
 Teen Voice: What is love?
 Teen Voice: Living within our means
 Teen Voice - On the outside looking In
 Across the Fence: When Fiddler quit running
 Building Bridges: “New” will become a buzzword in the Valley
 Update From the NRD: Winter has arrived
 Teen Voice: New Year’s goals
 Teen Voice: Twitter as sleep criminal
 Political Cartoon by Doug Hoevet
 Completely Different: The mystery of Vivian Maier
 A Small World: Savoring county fair days
 Lyman Review: Something wicked this way comes
 Life in the Rearview Mirror: Adapt and adjust
 Across The Fence: Last Christmas
 Completely Different - The magic of spring
 Totally Random: Happy Halloween
 Lyman Review: The elusive farm cat
 Completely Different: That’s so Pinteresting
 Life in the Rearview Mirror: Experiencing life passion
 Up The Creek Without A Paddle: The NRD wants to do what with your money?
 Teen Voice: Catfished
 Life in the Rearview Mirror: Greensburg strong
 From the Superintendent's Desk: School Safety and Security
 Completely Different: I go to seek a Great Perhaps
 Five Good Reasons to Create an Investment Strategy
 From the Superintendent’s Desk - Parent Teacher Conferences
 From the Pastor's Pen: Unbelievable breaking news
 Our View: Pipeline not a solution to oil problems
 Across the Fence: Celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Chadron to Chicago Cowboy Race, part II
 Life in the Rearview Mirror: The world is a stage
 Our View: County Manager option leads to Good Old Boys' Club
 Teen Voice: Body image
 Teeing Off: Mind Gym
 Our View: Childcare not school district’s role
 Teen Voice: Holiday horrors
 From the Superintendent’s Desk - Financial Outlook for Gering Public Schools
 Teen Voice: Serendipity
 Teen Voice: The daily struggle to a lifelong battle
 Teeing Off: Lessons learned from golf
 Lyman Review: Winter's dog
 Teen Voice: Pinning your interest
 From the Superintendent’s Desk - District purchase of building
 Teen Voice: What’s so great about pizza?
 From the Pastor's Pen: Lord, teach us to pray
 Teen Voice: Go ahead, make my day
 Life in the Rearview Mirror: Work is more than a four-letter word
 Teen Voice: Remember what you have
 Teen Voice: Do It Anyway
 Life in the Rearview Mirror: I hate coffee
 Teen Voice: Congratulations, you’re awful
 Life in the Rearview Mirror: Personal control of an individual response
 Miss Movies: Ten movies for romance
 Across the Fence: The Pony Express
 Rural America and immigration reform
 Completely Different: New Year’s Resolutions
 Our View: County has some ‘splainin’ to do
 A Halloween Story: The scary dream
 Christmas stories from Freshman Academy students
 Teeing Off: The thing about state
 Our View: The elephant in the room
 Teen Voice: Indulge In moderation
 Completely Different: Perfect memories made in imperfect moments
 Teen Voice: The Other Side
 Teen Voice: By my side until the newness wears off
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