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1775Anno Domini: Rendering unto Caesar and other nightmares
554Across the Fence: The Overland Camel Company
1136Across the Fence: Sioux Ordnance Depot: stories to be told
603Observations Only: Wilkerson Pass
Most Read News Stories of 2014
12228Across The Fence: Portugee Phillips and a horse named Dandy
1217Miss Movies: Miss Movies recommends her top 10 films of 2013
1132Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Governor’s Ag Conference overview
1082No-Till Notes: Plan to attend 2014 No-Till Conference
1081Building Bridges: Save the world, educate through agriculture
1078Totally Random: Hemp: considering the real benefits of the miracle plant
787At the Library: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson
776Thinking about Health: Getting insurance under the Affordable Care Act
530Building Bridges: Tend to 2014 and be Happy, Happy, Happy
516Dear Fellow Nebraskans: We Are Proud of the Nebraska National Guard
509Book Review: I Forgot to Remember By Su Meck
489Building Bridges: Love your enemies
456Updates from NRD: NRD promotes conservation
450Building Bridges: Serve on the school board—or say no more
448Building Bridges: Building us up to be what others see
443Dear Nebraskans: Massachusetts should not determine Nebraska’s Presidential vote
435Teen Voice: Footprints
418Capitol View: Delay tactics a gamble as session draws to a close
410Across the Fence: The Blizzard of ‘49
407Across The Fence: A Fourth of July Montage
403Welcome to the ‘New’ in Gering
396Building Bridges: Pause a moment...save a child’s life
396Building Bridges: Asking officials to speak and work as a body
386Why you should visit the zoo in February
380Teen Voice: Cyber War
376Across the Fence; Massacre on the Marias River
375Building Bridges: Objectivity and fairness make a winning plan
368Across The Fence: Mustangs on Pumpkin Creek
363Across the Fence: New eyes on the Panhandle
362Jane’s Secret, XLI Black widow spider
356SBNM View: Do you want to be a VIP?
354Teen Voice: Hope for a New Year
354Updates from NRD: Happy New Year
354Across The Fence: Crazy Horse’s Last Battle
353At the Library: March into a good book
344Teen Voice: My School, Their Rules
343No-Till Notes: Looking Back
337Teen Voice: To the future
336Teen Voice: Family for all intents and purposes
335Teen Voice: Writing love on our hearts
334The Good Life: What a wild ride it’s been
331Across the Fence: Remembering English Joe
330What’s really going on with our water?
327Capitol View: Yes, Virginia, the Legislature has done something, so far
322Across the Fence: John Colter, the first mountain man
322Jane’s Secret: Jane’s Secret, XLIII: Jail house rock
320Teen Voice: Where is the love?
319Across the Fence: Prelude to Battle
319Capitol View: Considering additional education choices
317Lyman Review: Branding Time
316Totally Random: Trusting the fates
314Across the Fence: The Colorado Coalfield War
310Nature Notes: Love is in the air
309Letter to Editor clarifies drug testing policy
302Jane’s Secret: Jane’s Secret, XLII: Sunflowers
300Mayor’s Monthly: Moving on Gering’s momentum
297Coach Schadwinkel promoted strong sense of tradition
295Across the Fence: Roy Bean; scoundrel with a law book
293Teen Voice: Trouble Maker or Hard Worker?
293Dear Nebraskans: Nebraska is the place for business
292In the Hills: Arbor Day in Nebraska
288Totally Random: Where does it go?
287Lyman Review: Taste of boot?
285View from Capitol Hill: Solutions for our economy and the budget
282Building Bridges: Be a Destination Ambassador
280Lyman Review: Nudge to the Butt
280Jane’s Secret: Jane’s Secret XLIV: Jail break
279Building Bridges: Be American - help your candidate
279In the Hills: Nebraska Bighorn Sheep
276Building Bridges: Awards are only part of our success
275Notes from NRD: Thanks agricultural producers
269Jane’s Secret: Jane’s Secret XLV: Gun smoke
268Religious freedom must be protected
267Their View: Goal post move unfair
266Capitol View: There was more to the session than just the big ticket items
264At the Monument: Junior Rangers
263Our View: Confidentiality agreement disrespectful
261Capitol View: Legislature overrides gubernatorial vetoes
256Across the Fence: Missing; Nelson Buck survey party
255Across the Fence: The Cholera Corridor
255In the Hills: Explore the state parks
255Across the Fence: David F. Cook and ‘Indian Joe’
252Capitol View: Redistricting needs new procedure
252Linked Lives
250At the Monument: That old (historic) building
249In the Hills: Pollinators – the buzz
248Building Bridges: Five years old IS a milestone
245Across the Fence: On the Old Chisholm Trail
240Lyman Review: Dog fun
239Across the Fence: Amanda
239Capitol View: The 103rd Legislature is history … finally
238Capitol View: It sounded like a good idea at first
237Update from the NRD: March updates from the NRD
237Support emergency services personnel
234At the Zoo: Spring in to the zoo
231Capitol View: The Legislature did provide tax relief
230Capitol View: Clock keeps tickin,’ many issues remain unresolved
230College Thoughts: Rotten for the minds? Think again
230For the love of the game – best courses in the valley
229Across the Fence: Who was Martha Jane Canary?
229At the Library: “I Shall Be Near to You” By Erin Lindsay McCabe
226Capital View: Can prison reform survive property tax relief?
224Teen Voice: Inspire me
222Across the Fence: Charles Badger Clark
221Across the Fence: Investigation at Spring Creek
219Greetings from the State Capitol
218Building Bridges: Don’t wait to develop
218No-till Notes: Moving forward
217At the Monument: Where are the animals?
217Website Resources
215Across the Fence: Old barns and memories
215From the Capitol: The conduct we choose reflects our character
207Capitol View: Legislature to tackle meatier issues
204No-Till Notes: Back in the field
203New at the Zoo: Volunteer at the Zoo
199Gering ninth graders answer the questions of life
198Across the Fence: The Spring Creek Raid
198No-Till Notes: Cheat grass
196View of the Zoo: VIPs at RCD
196Final Point: Citizen receives first honor for ‘Final Point’
195Across The Fence: Justice in the Big Horn Basin
193Dear Nebraskans: Technology helps serve Nebraskans
189No-Till Notes: “Fish and Mud”
188At the Monument: Art in National Parks
188Jane’s Secret XLVI: Sour grapes
187Teen Voice: Home is where the heart is
182Washington Report: Honoring America’s heroes
181Building Bridges: When ‘FAMILY’ and fellow Nebraskans are all you’ve got
177No-til Notes: Changing plans
172Anno Domini: The Textbook of Freedom
170Capitol View: State aid proposal just might make some sense
169Building Bridges: Dive into summer—dive into living
160At the Library: “My Name is Resolute” By Nancy E. Turner
158Fellow Nebraskans: Congratulations on graduation day
157Teen Voice: The clock is ticking
152History Revisited:A Stray Moment: Life (and death) on the Oregon Trail
149Across the Fence: Six went to the gallows
147Across the Fence: Battle of Summit Springs, Part I: Tall Bull Killed
144Jane’s Secret XLVII: A stormy afternoon
138Lyman Review: Sheep Royalty
131No-Till Notes: Annual PNTP Tour
128Across The Fence: Hinhan Kaga Paha
116No-Till Notes:Enjoyable meeting
114Synchronicity:What brings me back
93Be kind through communications
92Jane’s Secret XLVIII: Jane’s agenda
71Building Bridges: Oregon Trail Days—making our present a celebrated past
70Letters to the Editor
55Letter to the editor
47Fourth of July meetings
34Battle of Summit Springs, part II: Warpath to White Bear Creek
Most Read News Stories of 2013
2740Jane’s Secret, XXXX: A tale of mayhem
2152The Good Life: Today we celebrate Global Oneness Day
2017Completely Different: The Disney princess debate: an exercise in the ridiculous
1717Totally Random: Astrology: It’s all in the stars…
1610From the Pastor's Pen: Unbelievable breaking news
1582Completely Different: The good, the bad, and the remedy
1528Teen Voice: What diabetes taught me
1474From the Superintendent’s Desk - Parent Teacher Conferences
1439Across the Fence: Bose Ikard; Texas Cowboy
1390Jane’s Secret, XXX: A new wrinkle
1380Totally Random: December 6, the day I lived
1326Across the Fence - Catherine’s boys
1292Our View: Come home to Nebraska, but not just anywhere
1252Teen Voice: Don’t be fooled by fads
1196Totally Random: The Golden Rule
1176Barr’s Bacon Wrapped Fantasy Picks: A rookie's guide to drafting your dream team
1174Jane’s Secret, XXIV: The last drive
1146The Good Life: Extending grace, the lost art
1116Observations Only: A soul’s journey
1099Across The Fence: Union Pacific robbery at Big Springs
1096Across the Fence: Dull Knife’s Quest, part 1
1077Across the Fence: Burnett’s Mound and the Topeka tornado
1068Jane’s Secret, XXIII: Molly’s plan
1063The Good Life: Through my father’s eyes
1054From the Superintendent’s Desk - Option Enrollment
1051Across the Fence: Class of ’67, last remnants of home
1046Jane’s Secret, XXV: Mysteries
1032Across the Fence: Dull Knife’s Quest: Part 2 of 2
1030A Stray Moment : Carry the weight
1025From the Superintendent’s Desk: Early Childhood Education
1011Completely Different: New Year’s Resolutions
1006Completely Different: The game is afoot, a look at Sherlock Holmes
1005Across The Fence: Crow Dog, Spotted Tail’s assassin
1003Jane’s Secret, XXXIII: Night walk
1001Across the Fence: Judge Roy Bean : Texas prizefight promoter
985Jane’s Secret, part XX: Change of plans
979Across the Fence: Discovering Ed Stemler
966A Stray Moment: All's well that ends well, usually
950A Stray Moment: Earth Day, am I doing my part?
947From the Superintendent’s Desk: Thanks for the memories
938From the Superintendent’s Desk - Haig and Aurora Buildings
928Thinking About Health: The challenge of signing up for Obamacare
926A Small World: Savoring county fair days
911Life in the Rearview Mirror: I hate coffee
908Jane’s Secret, Part XVIV: Crystal Waters
902Completely Different: That’s so Pinteresting
898Across the Fence: Black Hills Gold and the Thoen Stone
895Across The Fence: Billy Dixon; Plainsman, Hunter, Indian fighter and Scout
892Across The Fence: Celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Chadron to Chicago Cowboy Race, part I
887Across The Fence: The Hat Creek Outpost
885Jane’s Secret, XXVIII: Lame Johnny
883Our View: County Manager option leads to Good Old Boys' Club
882Teen Voice: New Year’s goals
882Jane’s Secret, part XXII: While the cat’s away
869Teen Voice: What senior year taught me
864From the Superintendent’s Desk: Summer School – 2013
860From the Superintendent’s Desk - District purchase of building
860Miss Movies: Ten movies for romance
858Teen Voice: Learning calculus more than numbers
858From the Pastor's Pen: Lord, teach us to pray
856A Small World: Chokecherry season evokes memories of yesterday
840Across the Fence - Boston: April 18, 1775
838Completely Different: What’s speech got to do with it?
837Across The Fence: A day For thanks
835Across the Fence: Fort Mitchell on the Great Platte River Road
832From the Superintendent’s Desk : Draft Calendar 2013-14
831Completely Different: The Marilyn Monroe conundrum
830Teen Voice: Fifty reasons to smile
820 Across the Fence: ‘Aunt Sally’ and Dakota Gold
817Jane’s Secret, part XXI: Gertrude’s Agenda
804A Stray Moment: Star Trek: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations
804Jane’s Secret, XXVII: Town Meeting
802Across the Fence: Bloody Pocket, the final battle
802Observations Only: Sisters lost, part IV
800Totally Random: I’m a backwards reader
796The Good Life: It’s hard to believe, the Citizen is four years old
792Teen Voice: Catfished
790From the Superintendent’s Desk - Financial Outlook for Gering Public Schools
788The Good Life: The best Christmas gift
787A Stray Moment: Now is the winter of our disconnect
785Anno Domini: Independence, an ideal worth celebrating
784Completely Different: The mystery of Vivian Maier
781Across the Fence: Cynthia Ann Parker, Comanche captive
777A Stray Moment: God Knows
776Observations Only: Sisters lost, part III
771Life in the Rearview Mirror: Greensburg strong
764Across the Fence: Fact, fiction or fragmented dreams?
763Observations Only: Curious things
763Across the Fence: Rural free delivery
762A Stray Moment: Without a net
760Across the Fence: A Cheyenne weekend
759A Stray Moment: Tacos! Our embarrassment of riches
756The Good Life: Mom, my partner in life
753Jane’s Secret, XXIX: Fred’s debacle
752A Stray Moment: I love Sookie Stackhouse
750Across the Fence: Celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Chadron to Chicago Cowboy Race, part II
746Political Cartoon by Doug Hoevet
744Across the Fence: The hand dug well
735Teen Voice: What’s so great about pizza?
733A Stray Moment: World War Two is not forgotten
733Across the Fence: Standing on the wagon
733Political Cartoon by Doug Hoevet
725Life in the Rearview Mirror: The Moments we live for
723Observations Only: Going home
717The Good Life: A farm girl in my heart
715Across the Fence: When Fiddler quit running
713Teen Voice: Congratulations, you’re awful
706Across the Fence: When Lady Luck sleeps
706Teen Voice: Gleek tragedy
702A Stray Moment: - The case for Hagel
702Teen Voice: Body image
702Capitol View: Lincoln Highway captures spotlight
701Observations Only: Uneventful flight
701A Stray Moment: A voice from the past, haunting myself
700Rural America and immigration reform
700The Good Life: Christina Baker’s mom: Thank you
696Our View: County has some ‘splainin’ to do
696Life in the Rearview Mirror: Personal control of an individual response
696Teen Voice: Living within our means
695Across the Fence: Cheyenne County, Nebraska: cattle country
694Our View: Pipeline not a solution to oil problems
694Observations Only: A soul's journey, part III
688Observations Only: A gift of serenity
685Teen Voice: Twitter as sleep criminal
685Jane’s Secret, XXXII Jane’s Bad Day
684Completely Different: The bucket list phenomenon
684A ‘city’ kid goes to the fair
683Observations Only: Journey's end
683The Good Life: The two different types of business people
680Teen Voice: Serendipity
680Teen Voice: Shadow art
680Observations Only: The awful truth
679Teen Voice: The benefits of online learning
678From the Superintendent's Desk: School Safety and Security
676Observations Only: Critical thinking
676Teen: Voice : Drinking enough water
674A Stray Moment: For the love of theatre
673The Good Life: We are the Valley’s emissaries
665A Stray Moment - A night owl born to an 8 to 5 world
664Guest Voice: If I could do it over again
661Observations Only: Curious things, part II
661Capitol View: Wild life proposal costly but worthwhile
660Completely Different: Hey there, four eyes!
660Completely Different: Perfect memories made in imperfect moments
657A Stray Moment: Having a blast on the Fourth of July
656Guest Voices…
656Across The Fence: Jules, Jack and lawless justice
654Teeing Off: Lessons learned from golf
652Across the Fence: Wasicu Wakan
652Totally Random: My journey, life after living
650Observations Only: Sister lost
647Completely Different: Do you know John Green?
644I'm falling for Tumblr?
644Life in the Rearview Mirror: The world is a stage
632Teen Voice: Go ahead, make my day
630Anno Domini: The memorial nobody wants
629Building Bridges: Cleaning up for company--or not--reveals a lot
628Observations Only: Expect the best, part II
628Jane’s secret, XXVI: The suitcase
625Observations Only: Sisters lost, part two
625Teen Voice: Dealing with stress
623The Good Life: The lasting effects of bullying
622Five Good Reasons to Create an Investment Strategy
619Across The Fence: The hanging of Cornelius Donahue a.k.a. John A. Hurley
616Teen Voice: Being a girl
615Our View: The elephant in the room
615Teen Voice: Pinning your interest
615A real leaning tree Christmas
614Completely Different: I go to seek a Great Perhaps
614The Good Life: A holiday recipe for peace
610Across The Fence: The Spanish Flu
607Teen Voice: Indulge In moderation
607Jane’s Secret XXXV: Bugs and things
605Teen Voice: Until we say goodbye
604Observations Only: A soul's journey, part two
604Teen Voice: Go ahead, make my day
604The Good Life: A time to be proud of our ancestors
603Across The Fence: The Heartland plague of 1874-75
602Building Bridges: Chautauqua will bring out the best in everyone
600Jane's Secret, XXXI: Sixes and sevens
595Teen Voice: Say yes to branching out
593A Small World: Special guest
592Life in the Rearview Mirror: Work is more than a four-letter word
591Observations Only : White water
590Observations Only: Expect the best
590Across The Fence: Freedom Triumphant Over War and Peace
589Across the Fence: Pawnee legends in the Nebraska Panhandle
587Observations Only: Good and evil
587Building Bridges: Planning now for tourism season 2014
585The Good Life: People of the Valley, we have a choice
585The Good Life: Innovation and young energy enriches us all
584The Lyman Review: I love baby ducks
583Teen Voice: By my side until the newness wears off
582Observations Only: A fine line
581A Small World: Legends week promises fun for everyone
580Teen Voice: Saying Goodbye
580Across The Fence: Billy Dixon at Adobe Walls, June 1874
578The Good Life: Cooler breezes bring anticipation of fall
574The Good Life - The worst day on record at the Citizen
574Across The Fence: By the dawn’s early light
574Teen Voice: The daily struggle to a lifelong battle
573Observations Only: The shadow of error
568Observations Only: Beginnings
566Observations Only: A matter of matter
565Teeing Off: Around the Green
555Observations Only: Indifferent love
554Teen Voice - On the outside looking In
554Across the Fence: The Overland Camel Company
552Jane's Secret XXXIV: Gin Rummy
549Teen Voice: Equality
548Observations Only: Choices
548Observations Only: Divine spirit
548Observations Only: A matter of paradox
548Teen Voice: I’ll be healthy – tomorrow
543Completely Different - The magic of spring
541Observations Only: Divine prompts
541Anno Domini: We gather together
540A Stray Moment: Learning how to walk
537Life in the Rearview Mirror: Experiencing life passion
537Building Bridges: Being grateful for the hardships in life
535Across The Fence: The Pawnee on Pumpkin Creek
534Totally Random: Life’s ripples
532Teen Voice: Previously unwritten cell phone rules
532Teen Voice: Sticks and stones
530Life in the Rearview Mirror: Adapt and adjust
530Teen Voice: Silence
530Teen Voice:  Body bashing and self-image
520A Stray Moment: In praise of encouragement
519Observations Only: Willfulness
516Observations Only: Temptation
514Teen Voice: The need to get away
513Observations Only: The vision
512Observations Only: Off to the races
511Across the Fence; Prelude to the Red River War of 1874
509Totally Random: October, the pink month
508Teen Voice: Do It Anyway
508Teen Voice: Thanksgiving
507Observations Only: A sad week
505Observations Only: The need to understand
503Life in the Rearview Mirror: Life enhancing memories
501A Halloween Story: The scary dream
500Observations Only: Fuzzy angel
498Lyman Review: Devil calf
491Building Bridges: Celebrating the Bulldog homecoming
489Anno Domini: Ask the digital dust
488Across The Fence: First train from Saply Grove
487Teen Voice: Stress test
484Teeing Off: Mind Gym
481Teeing Off: Persistence
480Across the Fence: The Pony Express
478Welcome to Gering and the 92nd Oregon Trail Days Celebration.
476Guest Editorial: The future of health care at Regional West
476Across The Fence: Amos Bad Heart Bull
475Observations Only: A good daughter
475Teen Voice: The rivalry
466Observations Only: Afraid of the dark
463Lyman Review: The elusive farm cat
461Across the Fence: A Cowboy kind of Christmas
459Observations Only: The unvarnished truth
456Observations Only: Saint Marge
455Observations Only: Waiting time
452Teeing Off: The thing about state
451Building Bridges: Observing bullies, abuse and pastors
450Teen Voice: Remember what you have
446Teen Voice: Is respect dead?
444Teen Voice: The Other Side
444Building Bridges: “New” will become a buzzword in the Valley
442Lyman Review: The love goat
440Our View: Why rush the interlocal agreement?
439Up The Creek Without A Paddle: The NRD wants to do what with your money?
438Observations Only: Reality check
433Teen Voice: What is love?
429Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Collegebound Nebraska
428Anno Domini: On this remembering day
426Jane’s Secret XXXVII: A starry night
424Building Bridges: Following the spirit of Gering
424Update From the NRD: Winter has arrived
423Final Point: Golf, cross country feats headline fall season successes
422Totally Random: Happy Halloween
418Lyman Review: Now that's a set of handlebars!
414Teen Voice: Nobody else can lower you
413Across The Fence; ‘Johnny Appleseed’ of the Oregon Trail
413Observations Only: Gone away
407Observations Only: Hog wash
406Across The Fence: The Three Guardsmen
402Lyman Review: Something wicked this way comes
402Teen Voice: Self-expression
402Teen Voice: My rebellion
401No-Till Notes: Water Funding Task Force
401Teen Voice: Shopping days or holidays?
398Jane’s Secret XXXVI:  The dream
397Lyman Review: One mean chicken
391 Across the Fence: Remembering Armistice Day
384Jane’s Secret, XXXVIII: Bad girls
377From the Hill: More Work Ahead
376Observations Only: The visit
368Across The Fence: Moc-chi, A Southern Cheyenne warrior
363Observations Only: A day in August
350Observations Only: The last goodbye
343Our View: Childcare not school district’s role
340Observations Only: Final moment
339Teen Voice: The gift of caring
338Observations Only: One more time
337No-Till Notes: Joe Franks Memorial
332Lyman Review: Goat-chasing cardio
323Across The Fence: Last Christmas
323Observations Only: The last toothpick
319Our View: Community responsible for kids
299Observations Only: The vigil
295Christmas stories from Freshman Academy students
264Lyman Review: Winter's dog
255Teen Voice: Holiday horrors
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