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 Capitol View: Russell Means: Accusations, allegations and acquittal at Wounded Knee
 Washington Report: Alternative Approaches to Health Care Reform
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Back to School
 News from Lincoln: The Nebraska Oil and Gas Commission Interim Study
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
Most Read News Stories of 2014
 Stinner to run for Legislature
 City’s admin committee reviews complaint
 Bond issue approved for county’s road fix-up
 McFarland submits letter of resignation
 Smith updates group on national issues
 Early candidates make intentions known
  Senate candidate Domina seeks non-partisan work
 City puts rezoning on hold: Gering Planning Commission to review issue July 15
 Meister proposes three Senate debates
 McFarland’s resignation on council’s July 14 agenda
 Filling vacant Ward IV council seat could take weeks
 Gubernatorial candidate McCoy heads west to talk politics
 Capitol View: Governor says he’s interested in university job
 Capitol View: Nebraska Nice slogan causes questions, controversy
 Capitol View: Historic horse racing: reviving an industry or beating a dead horse?
 Capitol View: Legislative Committee Begins Evaluation of Tax Incentives
 Capitol View: Another Small Town, Another Historic Car Auction
 Capitol View: College Sports and Nebraska Democracy Battle for Attention
 Capitol View: Governor and lawmakers prep for short session
 Capitol View: Let’s rally around the Little Free Library
 Capitol View: Lawmakers mourn loss; Chambers defends cats; more people running
 Capitol View: Prison sentence calculations are more than a numbers game
 Supporters confident minimum wage initiative will appear on Nov. ballot
 Capitol View: Debate on Debates: How Many Is Enough?
 Capitol View: Preservationists win some, lose some in Nebraska
 Capitol View: Is there a lesson to be learned from botched Oklahoma execution?
 Capitol View: Group petitions to allow voters to determine minimum wage
 Capitol View: Opposition Forming to Ballot Question on Minimum Wage
 Capitol View: Welp, The Election Is Over, Now What!
 Capitol View: Now Comes the Hard Part, Governing
 Capitol View: Leave it to Ernie, Chambers sets a snare in tax debate
 Capitol View: Nebraska Legislature Becomes More Republican
 Capitol View
 Capitol View: Political Developments Unbelievable, Aw, Come On, Really?
 Capitol View: Surprise, Surprise! Nebraskans Elect Another Republican Governor
 Capitol View: A Letter to Santa Claus 2014 From Nebraskans
 Capitol View: The primary election is over, can we all get along?
 Capitol View: More Prison Woes, a Disturbing Pattern
 Capitol View: Ballot, ballot, who’s on the ballot?
 Capitol View: Expanding Attorney General’s Office Makes Sense
 Capitol View: Hang On, There’s An Election in Just a Couple Weeks
 Capitol View: Legislative Session heats up nation’s 7th coldest city
 Capitol View: Hassebrook and Ricketts Square Off at State Fair Gubernatorial Debate
 Capitol View: Native Americans, Rock Legends and the Pipeline Saga Continues
 Capitol View: Football Is a Religion to Some Nebraskans
 Capitol View: Sticks and stones…
 Capitol View: More Revelations in Department of Corrections Mess
 Capitol View: Politics 2014: Who’s in, who’s out? Update your list
 From the Hill: A Visit to our Nuclear Labs
 Capitol View: Oh Please, Somebody Playing Politics? In An Election Year?
 From the Hill: Unrest Overseas
 From the Hill: A Salute to a True Statesman
 From the Hill: Breaking the Gridlock
 From the Hill: Angels in Neligh
 From the Hill: A Word on Water
 From the Hill: Working for You
 From the Hill: A Rich History, A Bright Future
 From the Hill: A Fresh Start
 From the Hill: Time to Listen
 From the Hill: The Year Ahead
 From the Hill:FCC Needs to Answer the Call
 From the Hill: A Report from the Border
 From the Hill: The Power of Pink
 From the Hill: Investing in Our National Security
 From the Hill: Flat on its face
 From the Hill: A Time to Give Thanks
 From the Hill: Strong Families
 From the Hill: The World’s Worst Weapons
 From the Hill: Strong Communities
 From the Hill: Our True Heroes
 From the Hill: My Record
 Raw Politics: Nebraska’s view of the world stage
 Washington Report: The appropriate role of government
 A Decade of Exceptionalism Under Governor Dave Heineman
 Washington Report: A strong commitment to veterans
 Washington Report: Ethanol promotes consumer choice
 From Capitol Hill: The way forward in Iraq
 Washington Report: Addressing the regulatory barriers to success
 Washington Report: Stopping the spread of Ebola
 Washington Report: A spirit of hope for the holidays
 Washington Report: Solutions for Social Security and Medicare
 Washington Report: Honoring those who served
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Build Nebraska roads
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Thanking the Nebraska Diplomats
 Washington Report: Obamacare update – One year later
 Washinngton Report: Eliminating the ISIS threat
 Washington Report: Defending the Constitution
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:Nebraska’s Economic Relationship with Japan
 Washington Report: The status of the economy
 Washington Report: Back to school lunches
 Washington Report: American leadership needed in the world
 Washington Report: Regulation rewind update
 Washington Report: Stopping the latest federal power grab
 Washington Report: Thank you, Senator Johanns
 Fellow Nebraskans: Celebrating cattle, recovery, and a cure
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Great Continued Economic Development Success in 2014
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Nebraska Agriculture is Growing Stronger Every Day
 Washington Report: Crisis at the border
 Washington Report: Addressing challenges to Rural Air Service
 News from Lincoln: Prioritization key during short 60-day Legistlative session
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:Livestock Friendly County Program Continues to Grow
 Washington Report: Seizing the American energy revolution
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Intern Nebraska Program, A Good Success Story
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Honoring Our Veterans
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Water Management Progress
 Washington Report: A call to support Ukraine
 Washington Report: The largest agriculture district in America
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:Making Government More Efficient Through Technology
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Back to School
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Nebraska Manufacturing Month
 Washington Report: Addressing illegal immigration
 Washington Report: Regulations obstruct rural health care
 Progress on tax reform
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:November is Adoption Awareness Month
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Celebrating the 2014 Nebraska State Fair
 Washington Report: An unacceptable pattern of overreach
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Veterans Designation on Driver’s License
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Ghosts, Goblins and Good Sense
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Changes Needed in “Good Time” Law
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:The Advantage of Doing Business in Nebraska
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:Christmas is a Time to Give Back
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Choosing E85 Fuel Supports Nebraska Farmers
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Governor’s Ag Conference preview
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:Nebraska’s Continued Commitment to Wellness
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Automatic Good Time for Violent Criminals is a Mistake
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:10 Years of Prioritized Education Proves Successful
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:Ten Years of Robust Economic Success
 Capitol View: Term Limits Will Be Felt in Nebraska and 13 Other States
 Capitol View: Down to Business, Government Reorganization Begins
Most Read News Stories of 2013
 Sen. Harms looks forward to final session
 Capitol View: And now, Nebraska’s dubious achievement award: The filibuster
 Carlson throws hat in ring
 Capitol View: Delayed legal proceedings for state senators pops up again
 Capitol View: Legislative Proposals: Same Old Ideas in New Packages
 State Treasurer happy to return unclaimed funds
 Capital View: Halfway through and it's all about taxes or lack thereof
 Capitol View: Heineman’s bold tax proposal, legacy or folly?
 Capitol View: We pause now to remember a great guy
 Capitol View - Republican Gubernatorial Ticket Filling Up
 Capitol View: Tearing Down History to Make Way for Progress
 Capitol View: The looming Senate race in a word, boring
 Capitol View: Retention of the best and brightest deserves consideration
 Capitol View: Lawmakers, Governor, Vow to Scrutinize Good Time Laws
 Capitol View: Lawmakers convene 103rd Legislature, January 9, 2013
 Capitol View: History, publicity, anticipated animosity mark Legislature’s first weeks
 Capitol View: School fnance formula changes heading for full debate
 Capitol View: Politics 2014 – Who’s In, Who’s Out – Make A List
 Capitol View: Secession talk, this time it’s serious!
 Capitol View
 Capitol View: Water in Nebraska flows downhill, even during drought
 Capitol View
 Capitol View: Crying foul about fairs, veterans and volleyball
 Capitol View: Freedom of the press, really?
 Capitol View: Nebraskans have plenty of politics to ponder, again
 Capitol View - Wind Energy Tax Incentive Bill advances
 Capitol View: The Importance of Being Vetted
 Capitol View: Nebraska ready for wildfire season
 Capitol View: No Surprises, Taxes to Be Big Deal Next Legislative Session
 Capitol View : Lawmakers tackle biennial budget task
 Lawmakers Take Their Annual (or so it seems) Look at Tax Incentives
 Capitol View: Nebraska’s future, forged or forced?
 Capitol View: Public input sought as sides form in tax study
 Capitol View: Governor’s Tax Reform Bill gets mixed reviews
 Capitol View: The Legislature is in session, pay attention to the details
 Capitol View : Budget debate looms as lawmakers stay on schedule
 Capitol View: Will tax on soft drinks help curb obesity?
 Ken’s Column: Livestock Growth and Agritourism
 Capitol View: Are Nebraskans Aware of Importance of Personal Finance?
 Capitol View: Lawmakers adjourn 103rd Legislature First Session
 Capitol View - Tax panel will need courage to propose change
 Washington Report: Health Care Law Expands IRS Authority
 The Fischer Report: Rolling back regulations
 Washington Report: Addressing the Health Care Crisis
 The Fischer Report: Joining the Conversation
 Washington Report: A long-term solution for student loan interest rates
 Aristotle’s Advice
 Washington Report: The House Approach to Immigration Reform
 Washington Report - Two Visions for America’s Energy Future
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Medicaid Expansion: Just More Unaffordable Obamacare
 Washington Report - Cutting Red Tape to Unleash Economic Growth
 Washington Report: Next Steps for the Farm Bill
 Washington Report: - Rising gas prices threaten Nebraska’s economy
 Washington Report: Delay of health care mandates should apply to all
 Trading Pencils for Plows
 Washington Report: Preventing government abuse and overreach
 Being Prepared
 The Fischer Report: Stop the Insanity
 Washington Report: The importance of Congressional Oversight
 From the Hill: Keeping Education Homegrown
 A Heavy Hand
 Washington Call: Gearing up for the Legislative Session
 From the Hill: Saluting those who served
 Reducing Violence in the Ranks
 The Fischer Report: A Lesson in Political Courage from Across the Pond
 Fom the Hill: Taxed ‘til Death
 The Fischer Report: A trillion dollar tax hike
 From the Hill: Opening Markets
 Fischer's Note from Washington: The Huskers’ hero
 The Fischer Report: 73,608 Pages
 From the Senate: A simple truth
 From the Hill: A Report on the Middle East
 Washington Report: Restoring Three Separate but Equal Branches of Government
 From the Hill: Bringing accountability to Washington
 From the Hill: A Look Back
 From the Hill: Debating defense
 From the Hill: An update on immigration reform
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Agriculture conference focused on future
 From the Hill: Facing reality on the President’s climate change plan
 From the Hill: Lessons from History
 Washington Report: We cannot ignore our debt
 Washington Report: Meeting the food demands of the future
 From the Hill: Of Phony Scandals
 Washington Report: A culture of life
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: A platform for Nebraska agriculture’s future
 Washington Report: Negotiations Must Continue
 Washington Report: Medicare Open Enrollment lasts until December 7
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Celebrate Nebraska agriculture
 Washington Report: An opportunity for reform
 Washington Report: Simplifying America’s Tax Code
 Washington Report: The debate on spending continues
 Washington Report: A Balanced Budget to Renew American Prosperity
 Washington Report: Back to school opportunities for students
 Washington Report: Doctor shortage hurts rural Nebraska
 My Fellow Nebraskans: State Wellness Program
 Cattlemen’s Ball
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Nebraska Senate Report: Hydraulic Fracturing
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Nebraska’s award-winning National Guard
 Nebraskans Serving Others
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Nebraska’s Relationship with Asia
 Washington Report: Trade agreement moves forward
 Washington Report: “Glitches” reflect greater problems
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Nebraska’s community colleges
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Honoring our heroes
 Washington Report: Alternative Approaches to Health Care Reform
 Washington Report: Optimism for a New Year
 Washington Report: Health care update on law’s third anniversary
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Nebraska’s Internship Program
 Washington Report: Replacing the Sequester With Responsible Cuts
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Nebraska Senate Report: Governor’s Tax Proposal Introduced
 Washington Report: President’s Proposals Would Undermine Agriculture’s Success
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: The 2013 Legislative session
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Go Visit College
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:2013 Nebraska State Fair
 Washington Report: Health Care Concerns Loom
 Washington Report: Unfinished business
 Washington Report: How much is $1 Trillion?
 Nebraska Senate Report: Medicaid Expansion (Part III)
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Driving safely benefits all of us
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Highway work moves forward
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Keeping service members in our thoughts
 Ken’s Column: The Wildfire Control Act of 2013
 KEN’S COLUMN: Student Senators Visit
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Nebraska Senate Report: Juvenile Sentencing
 Washington Report: We Need Tax Reform – Not a ‘Money-Grab’
  Dear Fellow Nebraskans: What’s in the state budget?
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:Obamacare in Trouble
 Washington Report: Expanding Opportunities Through Trade
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Get to know the Department of Natural Resources
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Historic Leadership at the Nebraska National Guard
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Political Cartoon of the Week
 Weekly Bill Roundup April 8 – 12: - Lawmakers address juvenile murderers, park fees and education funding
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans : Affordable education
 Ken’s Column: LB66 Community Development
 Parental involvement in education critical
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: State of the State
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Get to know the Department of Veterans Affairs
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Intern Nebraska Update
 Political Cartoon of the Week
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Nebraska’s Virtual Scholars
 Greetings from the State Capitol!
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans:Progress on Nebraska’s Roadways
 Political Cartoon of the week
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Honoring veterans this Memorial Day
 Ken’s Column: Wind Development for Nebraska
 Nebraska Senate Report: New bill introductions
 To the people of Scotts Bluff County
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: Serving the Adult Learner
 Political Cartoon of the Week
 Initiative hopes to protect Nebraska ‘good life’
 Political Cartoon of the Week
 Political Cartoon of the Week
 Dear Fellow Nebraskans: It’s Time to Visit Nebraska’s County Fairs
 Center for Rural Affairs urges key wind legislation amendment
 Political Cartoon of the week
 Political Cartoon of the Week
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