Gering Citizen Sports Calendar presented by Platte Valley Companies
Gering Golf @ Cheyenne East
Thursday, September 3 through Friday, September 4
Cheyenne East,

Mitchell Golf @ Creek Valley
Thursday, September 3 9:00 am
Creek Valley,

Bayard Golf Invitational @ Creek Valley
Thursday, September 3 9:00 am
Creek Valley,

Mitchell Volleyball @ Hemingford
Thursday, September 3 5:00 pm

Banner County Volleyball Triangular @ Creek Valley
Thursday, September 3 5:00 pm
Creek Valley,
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Morrill Volleyball vs Bayard
Thursday, September 3 6:30 pm

Banner County Cross Country @ Gering
Friday, September 4

Minatare Football @ Riverside
Friday, September 4 2:00 pm
Cedar Rapids,

Scottsbluff Golf Invite
Friday, September 4 4:00 pm

Banner County Volleyball @ Hayes Center
Friday, September 4 5:00 pm
Hayes Center,
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Morrill Volleyball @ Potter-Dix
Friday, September 4 5:30 pm
Potter Dix,

Gering Football vs. Chadron
Friday, September 4 7:00 pm
Memorial Stadium, Gering,

Morrill Football @ Potter Dix
Friday, September 4 7:00 pm
Potter Dix,

Mitchell Football vs Gothenburg
Friday, September 4 7:00 pm

Bayard Football @ Gibbon
Friday, September 4 7:00 pm

Gering Tennis Invite @ Scottsbluff
Saturday, September 5

Gering Softball Invitational @ McCook
Saturday, September 5 9:00 am
McCook High School, W 7th Street, McCook,

Scottsbluff Softball @ Norfolk
Saturday, September 5 10:00 am

Scottsbluff Tennis vs. Gillette
Friday, September 5 4:00 pm

Banner County Football vs Maywood
Saturday, September 5 6:00 pm
Banner County,

Gering Golf @ Chadron
Tuesday, September 8

Scottsbluff Golf Invitational @ Chadron
Tuesday, September 8 9:00 am

Scottsbluff Tennis Invitational
Saturday, September 5 9:00 am

Bayard Golf Invitational @ Chadron
Thursday, September 8 9:00 am

Scottsbluff Tennis Dual @ Torrington
Tuesday, September 8 5:00 pm

Mitchell Volleyball @ Sidney
Tuesday, September 8 5:00 pm

Banner County Volleyball Triangular @ Hemingford
Tuesday, September 8 5:00 pm
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Morrill Volleyball Triangular vs Creek Valley/Arthur County
Tuesday, September 8 5:00 pm
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Gering Softball vs. Chadron
Tuesday, September 8 6:00 pm
Gering Softball Fields, Gering,

Scottsbluff Softball @ Alliance
Tuesday, September 8 6:00 pm

Mitchell Golf Invitational
Thursday, September 10 9:00 am

Bayard Golf Invitational @ Mitchell
Thursday, September 10 9:00 am

Mitchell Volleyball vs Potter Dix/Kimball
Thursday, September 10 5:00 pm

Gering Football @ Lexington
Friday, September 10 7:00 pm

Scottsbluff Softball Invitational
Friday, September 11 through Saturday, September 12

Banner County Cross Country @ Kimball
Friday, September 11

Scottsbluff Tennis Dual @ North Platte
Friday, September 11 4:00 pm
North Platte,

Gering Softball Invitational @ Scottsbluff
Friday, September 11 through Saturday, September 12 6:00 pm
Scottsbluff High School, 313 E 27th Street, Scottsbluff,

Minatare Football @ Wauneta-Palisade
Friday, September 11 6:00 pm

Scottsbluff Football @ Hastings
Friday, September 4 7:00 pm

Scottsbluff Football @ McCook
Friday, September 11 7:00 pm

Mitchell Football @ Kimball
Friday, September 11 7:00 pm

Bayard Football @ Southeast
Friday, September 11 7:00 pm
Southeast, Wyo,

Gering Tennis Invite @ North Platte
Saturday, September 12
North Platte,

Mitchell Volleyball @ Gordon
Saturday, September 12
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Scottsbluff Tennis Invitational @ North Platte
Saturday, September 12 9:00 am
North Platte,

Banner County Volleyball Triangular @ Sioux County
Saturday, September 12 10:00 am
Sioux County,
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Banner County Football @ Hayes Center
Saturday, September 12 3:00 pm
Hayes Center,
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Mitchell Volleyball vs Hemingford/Morrill
Monday, September 14 4:30 pm

Gering Golf Invitational
Tuesday, September 15

Gering Tennis Triangular @ Scottsbluff
Tuesday, September 15
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Scottsbluff Golf @ Gering
Tuesday, September 15 9:00 am

Mitchell Golf @ Gering
Tuesday, September 15 9:00 am

Bayard Golf Invitational @ Gering
Tuesday, September 15 9:00 am

Scottsbluff Tennis Triangular
Tuesday, September 15 2:00 pm
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Gering Softball @ Chase County
Tuesday, September 15 4:30 pm
Chase County High School, 520 E 9th Street, Imperial,

Mitchell Volleyball vs Bayard
Tuesday, September 15 5:00 pm

Scottsbluff Golf Invitational @ Casper Kelly Walsh
Thursday, September 17 through Friday, September 18 9:00 am
Casper Kelly Walsh,

Banner County Volleyball vs Guernsey
Thursday, September 17 4:00 pm
Banner County,

Mitchell Volleyball @ Crawford
Thursday, September 17 4:30 pm

Morrill Volleyball vs Garden County
Thursday, September 17 6:30 pm

Gering Softball vs. Scottsbluff
Thursday, September 17 6:45 pm
Gering Softball Fields, Gering,

Scottsbluff Softball @ Gering
Thursday, September 17 6:45 pm

Gering Tennis Invite @ Lexington
Friday, September 18

Scottsbluff Tennis Invitational @ Lexington
Friday, September 18 9:00 am

Morrill Volleyball vs Crawford
Friday, September 18 5:00 pm

Minatare Football vs McPherson County
Friday, September 18 6:00 pm

Gering Football vs. Grand Island Northwest
Friday, September 18 7:00 pm
Memorial Stadium, Gering,

Scottsbluff Football vs Adams Central
Friday, September 18 7:00 pm

Morrill Football vs Crawford
Friday, September 18 7:00 pm

Mitchell Football vs Lingle-Fort Laramie
Friday, September 18 7:00 pm

Bayard Football vs Southern Valley
Friday, September 18 7:00 pm

Gering Golf @ Scottsbluff
Saturday, September 19

Banner County Cross Country @ Alliance
Saturday, September 19

Scottsbluff Golf Invitational
Saturday, September 19 9:00 am

Mitchell Golf @ Scottsbluff
Saturday, September 19 9:00 am

Bayard Golf Invitational @ Scottsbluff
Saturday, September 19 9:00 am

Morrill Volleyball @ Hemingford
Saturday, September 19 9:00 am

Gering Softball Invitational @ North Platte
Saturday, September 19 12:00 pm
North Platte High School, 1220 W 2nd Street, North Platte,

Scottsbluff Softball @ North Platte
Saturday, September 19 12:00 pm
North Platte,

Banner County Football vs Wauneta Palisade
Saturday, September 19 2:00 pm

Gering Golf @ Ogallala
Monday, September 21

Mitchell Volleyball @ Scottsbluff
Monday, September 21 through Tuesday, September 22
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Scottsbluff Golf Invitational @ Ogallala
Monday, September 21 9:00 am

Mitchell Golf @ Ogallala
Monday, September 21 9:00 am

Gering Tennis vs. Torrington
Tuesday, September 22

Banner County Cross Country @ Scottsbluff
Tuesday, September 22

Morrill Volleyball @ Bridgeport
Tuesday, September 22 5:00 pm

Gering Softball @ Chadron
Tuesday, September 22 6:00 pm
Chadron High School, 901 Cedar Street, Chadron,

Scottsbluff Softball vs. Alliance
Tuesday, September 22 6:00 pm

Mitchell Golf @ Bridgeport
Thursday, September 24 9:00 am

Bayard Golf Invitational @ Bridgeport
Thursday, September 24 9:00 am

Gering Softball @ Gothenburg
Thursday, September 24 3:00 pm
Gothenburg High School, 1322 Ave I, Gothenburg,

Scottsbluff Softball @ Ogallala
Thursday, September 24 3:00 pm
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Mitchell Volleyball @ Leyton
Thursday, September 24 4:30 pm

Banner County Volleyball @ Hyannis
Friday, September 25 4:30 pm

Minatare Football vs Arthur
Friday, September 25 6:00 pm

Morrill Football @ Dundy County Stratton
Friday, September 25 6:00 pm
Dundy County Stratton,

Gering Football @ Adams Central
Friday, September 25 7:00 pm

Scottsbluff Football @ Grand Island Northwest
Friday, September 25 7:00 pm
Grand Island,

Mitchell Football vs Gordon Rushville
Friday, September 25 7:00 pm

Bayard Football @ Kimball
Friday, September 25 7:00 pm

Gering Golf @ Alliance
Saturday, September 26

Mitchell Volleyball Invitational
Saturday, September 26
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Morrill Volleyball @ Potter-Dix
Saturday, September 26 8:00 am
Potter Dix,

Scottsbluff Golf Invitational @ Alliance
Saturday, September 26 9:00 am

Scottsbluff Tennis Invitational @ Hastings
Saturday, September 26 9:00 am

Mitchell Golf @ Alliance
Saturday, September 26 9:00 am

Bayard Golf Invitational @ Alliance
Saturday, September 26 9:00 am

Scottsbluff Softball Doubleheader @ Chase County
Saturday, September 26 1:00 pm

Banner County Football vs Hyannis
Saturday, September 26 7:00 pm

Scottsbluff Tennis Invitational @ North Platte
Monday, September 28
North Platte,
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Bayard Golf Invitational @ Gordon-Rushville
Monday, September 28 9:00 am

Gering Tennis Triangular
Tuesday, September 29
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Scottsbluff Tennis Triangular @ Gering
Tuesday, September 29 4:00 pm
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Mitchell Volleyball vs Southeast
Tuesday, September 29 5:00 pm

Gering Softball @ Alliance
Tuesday, September 29 6:00 pm
Alliance High School, 1450 Box Butte Avenue, Alliance,

Scottsbluff Softball vs. Chadron
Tuesday, September 29 6:00 pm

Gering Golf Best in the West
Wednesday, September 30

Mitchell Golf Best of the West @ Gering
Wednesday, September 30

Banner County Cross Country @ Bayard
Thursday, October 1

Scottsbluff Softball GNAC @ Kearney
Saturday, October 1 10:00 am

Banner County Volleyball @ South Platte
Thursday, October 1 5:00 pm
South Platte,

Scottsbluff Golf GNAC @ North Platte
Friday, October 2 10:00 am
North Platte,

Gering Football vs. McCook
Friday, October 2 7:00 pm
Memorial Stadium, Gering,

Scottsbluff Football vs Aurora
Friday, October 2 7:00 pm

Minatare Football @ Banner County
Friday, October 2 7:00 pm
Banner County,

Morrill Football vs Hemingford
Friday, October 2 7:00 pm

Mitchell Football @ Chadron
Friday, October 2 7:00 pm

Bayard Football @ Hershey
Friday, October 2 7:00 pm

Mitchell Volleyball Invitational @ Morrill
Saturday, October 3
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Morrill Volleyball Invitational
Saturday, October 3 9:00 am

Scottsbluff Tennis GNAC @ Kearney
Saturday, October 3 10:00 am

Banner County Tournament @ Morrill
Saturday, October 3 10:00 am

Banner County Football @ Minatare
Saturday, October 3 7:00 pm

District Golf
Monday, October 5 9:00 am
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Banner County Triangular vs Minatare/Garden County
Tuesday, October 6
Banner County,
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Mitchell Volleyball vs Morrill
Tuesday, October 6 5:30 pm

Morrill Volleyball vs Mitchell
Tuesday, October 6 6:30 pm

District Softball
Thursday, October 8
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Banner County Cross Country @ Sidney
Thursday, October 8

Morrill Volleyball @ Kimball
Thursday, October 8 6:00 pm

Banner County Volleyball vs Arthur
Friday, October 9 4:30 pm
Banner County,

Minatare Football vs Cody Kilgore
Friday, October 9 6:00 pm

Morrill Football @ Creek Valley
Friday, October 9 6:00 pm
Creek Valley,

Gering Football @ Alliance
Friday, October 9 7:00 pm

Scottsbluff Football vs Sidney
Friday, October 9 7:00 pm

Mitchell Football vs Ogallala
Friday, October 9 7:00 pm

Bayard Football vs Cambridge
Friday, October 9 7:00 pm

Mitchell Volleyball Western Conference
Saturday, October 10
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Banner County Football @ Arthur County
Saturday, October 10 1:30 pm

State Golf
Monday, October 12 through Tuesday, October 13
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Morrill Volleyball Triangular vs Hay Springs/Hyannis
Tuesday, October 13 4:30 pm
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State Tennis
Thursday, October 15 through Friday, October 16
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District Cross Country
Thursday, October 15

Mitchell Volleyball vs Bridgeport
Thursday, October 15 5:00 pm

Morrill Volleyball @ Minatare
Thursday, October 15 6:00 pm

Morrill Football vs Sutherland
Friday, October 16 6:00 pm

Gering Football vs. Scottsbluff
Friday, October 16 7:00 pm
Memorial Stadium, Gering,

Scottsbluff Football @ Gering
Friday, October 16 7:00 pm
Memorial Stadium, Gering,

Minatare Football vs Sioux County
Friday, October 16 7:00 pm

Bayard Football @ Bridgeport
Friday, October 16 7:00 pm

Banner County Volleyball MCA Tournament
Saturday, October 17
Banner County,
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Morrill Volleyball Panhandle Conference @ Edgemont
Saturday, October 17 9:00 am

Banner County Football vs Cody Kilgore
Saturday, October 17 1:00 pm
Banner County,

Mitchell Volleyball vs Bridgeport/Kimball
Monday, October 19 4:00 pm

Mitchell Volleyball @ Bayard/Creek Valley
Tuesday, October 20 4:30 pm

Banner County Volleyball Triangular @ Potter Dix
Tuesday, October 20 5:00 pm
Potter Dix,
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Morrill Volleyball @ Gordon-Rushville
Tuesday, October 20 5:30 pm

State Cross Country
Friday, October 23

Banner County Volleyball vs Sioux County
Friday, October 23 4:30 pm
Banner County,

Morrill Football @ Perkins County
Friday, October 23 6:00 pm
Perkins County,

Gering Football @ Sidney
Friday, October 23 7:00 pm

Scottsbluff Football vs Alliance
Friday, October 23 7:00 pm

Minatare Football @ Hyannis
Friday, October 23 7:00 pm

Mitchell Football @ Chase County
Friday, October 23 7:00 pm

Bayard Football @ North Platte St. Patrick's
Friday, October 23 7:00 pm
North Platte,

Mitchell Volleyball Western Trails @ Morrill
Saturday, October 24
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Morrill Volleyball Western Trails Conference
Saturday, October 24 1:00 pm

Banner County Football @ Sioux County
Saturday, October 24 2:00 pm
Sioux County,

Banner County Volleyball Tournament @ Dalton
Tuesday, October 27 2:00 pm

Mitchell Volleyball @ Gordon-Rushville
Tuesday, October 27 4:00 pm

Banner County Volleyball Triangular @ Chadron
Thursday, October 29 5:00 pm
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District Volleyball
Monday, November 2 through Tuesday, November 3
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District Volleyball
Friday, November 6
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State Volleyball
Thursday, November 12 through Saturday, November 14

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437Gering hosts Class B Area 7 Junior Legion baseball tournament
422Scottsbluff Bearcats tennis team
421Distance runners to lead Bearcats on the track and field
417Scottsbluff girls’ tennis brings mix of players
415Panhandle Prep All-Star Basketball Games set for Saturday
413 Bearcat wrestlers look to compete strong again in Class B
413Nine Cougars make academic all-American, softball team earns team academic honor
402All Points West: Celebrating the end of summer
401Scottsbluff hopes to repeat as state champs
400Gering girls, Scottsbluff boys, take first at Western Conference
398Gering tennis coach expects strong second season
397Minatare Indians track team
397Bearcats' Worden sets state standard
395Scottsbluff girls’ soccer team creating strong offense
389All Points West: Physical fitness heading toward defeat
385Bearcats boys cross country state champions
385Gering Cheerleaders help keep Bulldog spirit alive
383Bearcat state champions sign college letters: York to play golf at UNO, Hessler to wrestle at Morningside College
382Scottsbluff, Sidney girls tie for first in team scoring at B6 District
381Players challenged at soccer camp
379Scottsbluff man tops division at World Horseshoe Tourney
378Gering setter signs to play volleyball
378Runners take to the streets of Gering in Don Childs Memorial Race
377Benson among all-star football coaching staff
376Area tracksters perform well at Buffalo Bill invitational
374Panhandle Football Camp inspires youth
370New Koncepts Karate empowers students
368Gering’s new football coach set to change culture
366Host Bayard sweeps MAC meet
363Platte Valley Dirt Riders annual supercross race
363Bearcat basketball players sign on to play for Cougars
362Howton to play tennis at Midland: Earns Gering tennis program’s first scholarship
359Gering boys in hunt for district soccer title
357Bicyclists tear it up at the summit
356All Star athletes shine at Best in the West Track Meet
356A cool night for a hot game
353Scottsbluff Bearcats golf team
353Bearcats balanced throughout track and field events
353Monument Marathon hits the road in September
352Morrill Lions have high hopes on the gridiron
350Gering track teams place fifth at Wiseman Invitational in Torrington
350Mitchell track and field teams sweep George Calvert meet in Morrill
349Bearcats, Bulldogs pace their way to state meet
347Gering Legion completes state championship dream season
346Larson promoted to coach varsity Bearcat girls' basketball
345Gering Tennis Club loses sleep for a good cause
344Bayard girls win District C-11 title, Tiger boys second
343Former Bulldogs Newman, Spreier lead West to volleyball victory
339CatDog bowling team runners up at district competition
339Annual softball tourney celebrates the life of James Mendoza
339Gering football rebuilding on experience, depth
339North Platte Valley track teams head to Omaha
338Bulldogs determined to improve, have big season
335Guadalupe Boxing Club teaches life lessons
334Gering relays, Scottsbluff's Maag, Worden tops at Best in the West Classic
3341982 Gering American Legion Post 36 Class B state championship team
334Scottsbluff golfers win district tourney: Gering finishes third, qualifies team for state tournament
333Gering B&C Steel’s Juniors finish a rough week
332Gering’s Mount shoots way to scholarship at Midland
329Banner County ready for action
329GHS track and field counting on numbers, depth
326Bulldog boys, a powerful force this year
326Bayard returns strong for track season
325Domingo Torres wins Summit to Summit race
324Bearcats turn in 'awesome' effort in routing Minutemen
324Mitchell Tigers’ hot shooters look to win
324EWC students qualify for national rodeo event
323Gering boys off and running with youth, experience
323Bicycle Hill Climb challenges endurance
322The races continue to heat up at Hi Way 92 Raceway Park
322Mitchell state medalists looking to repeat
322United Seacats ready to take acts to state meet
321Gering turns back Scottsbluff in Twin City battle
321Gering expects winning season with deep talent
320Lady Wildcats 3-peat champions at MAC Tournament
320Mitchell Tigers ready to own the field
316Freshmen outnumber returners at WNCC volleyball practice
315Scottsbluff MMA fighter gets bout Friday in Cheyenne: RFA card that includes Acevedo’s 2nd pro match to be televised on AXS Network
314McCook boys stampede Bearcats in Shoot-Out
314Mitchell clobbers competition at George Calvert Meet
313Gering 4x400 relay team blazes to first at Twilight meet
312Final Point: Even at 100, Grandma in a ‘zone’ of her own
312Bayard girls ride Smith’s victories to team title in home meet
312Popular mud volleyball tournament returns
311Scottsbluff girls win district title, No. 4 seed at state
311Bearcats sweep season-opening Gering meet: Scottsbluff boys take top-4 spots for perfect team score; Barraza, Muncie earn wins
309Gering Spirit Squad performs double duty, takes one for their teams
309Young Lady Bulldogs possess spirit and depth
308Gering Seniors have busy week before hosting Zephyrs
308Zephyrs rebound from losses to drill Sidney
306Scottsbluff wins Alliance Track Meet
306Scottsbluff returns as state golf champs
305Bearcats top Bulldogs on the mats
305Morrill Lions golf team
305 Gering fields young tennis team
305Volleyball team to stage pink-out
301Bearcat boys find their groove in winning district title
301Zephyrs sweep 3 games Sunday after storm postponement
301Hinze directs West All-Star gridders to big victory: Former Bearcat passes for two TDs, runs for another, kicks field goals in earning pair of honors
300Full strength Scottsbluff squad wins at Chadron
299WNCC men see double figures but not enough
298Scottsbluff boys squeak by Gering
297Rapid City sweeps Twilight Track Meet
296Wildcat leaders ready to step up
296 Minatare picks up first win of season
295Scottsbluff girls split final match
295Golf scramble honors coaching legend
294Bayard downs Bridgeport in offensive archrival battle: Area football roundup...
293Scottsbluff wrestlers finish second in home dual
293Gering Platte Valley Companies get second on Crete in tournament
293Hernandez strikes out 11 in win over Gordon
292Mitchell track boasts strong numbers
291Carrizales wins Summit to Summit race
291Bearcats’ Adams joins grand company: Scottsbluff wrestler becomes first 4-time state champ west of U.S. 281; Bearcats take 3rd in Class B
291Morrill Lions bring depth and spirit to the track
288Morrill fields young team
288Bulldog harriers run on work ethic tradition
288Alliance gets best of young Gering wrestlers
288Legion’s Hernandez throws no hitter
287Minatare's Semifinal
287Gering Seniors win Alliance tourney
287Gering heads to tourney seeded third
286Bulldog, Bearcat tracksters compete in North Platte
285Gering soccer teams end season at district competition
285Legion’s B and C Steel juniors look forward to baseball season
284Bulldogs return 10 starters, eye state performance
284Gering Wrestling Club prepares tomorrow’s champions
283Well-rounded effort lifts Bulldogs to 27-6 victory
282Schwartzkopf continues to break records: Alliance meet moved to Scottsbluff, host Bulldogs unfazed
282Mitchell boys’ basketball looking to improve conference standings
280Bearcats fall short, Bulldogs finish strong in Scottsbluff Duals
280Schwartzkopf sweeps events Torrington
280Bearcat track teams earn second place at B-6 District Meet: Mitchell teams take sixth, Gering boys and girls, seventh
279Gering Senior Legion opens with win
278Minatare football: Attitude is everything
278Scottsbluff to host 2016 State Horseshoe Pitching tourney
278Westco Teams Sweep Gering
277Gering volleyball squad extends winning streak to six
276Resilient Bulldogs take Bearcats down in home opener
275­­­Gering opens at Gillette Invitational
275Lions wrestling squad small but motivated
275Mitchell’s Lady Tigers ready to pounce again this season
275Zephyrs’ 3-1 weekend lifts record to winning mark
274Mitchell boys and girls place second in home meet
274All Points West: In training? Keep an eye on drivers
273Bearcats pick Holdrege apart for 44-6 win Worden's pair of interceptions for TDs fuel Scottsbluff
272Bearcats spike host Bulldogs in volleyball sweep: Gering, Scottsbluff have final home matches Thursday night
272Scottsbluff boys earn second at state track meet: Bayard’s Jessi Smith wins big with two golds and a silver
272Chukars host horseshoe tournament
272All Points West: ’79, the year dreams came true
271Local teams represent well at regional Babe Ruth tournament
270Seacats' Weatherfield, Wiebe, Miller capture GNAC championships
269Banner County Wildcats
269Minatare girls team solidifies with five returning juniors
269Gering wrestlers earn huge experience in East West Challenge
269All-District football list: B-8 champion Scottsbluff garners 21 total honors, Gering players earn 11 kudos
269Zephyrs blow past Gering PVC Senior 36ers: Gering Juniors take advantage of Express miscues, score run-rule victory of their own
268Bearcats take 3rd at GNAC
268Reliving That Championship Season State Legion victors share stories from '82
268Gering volleyball closes season with awards banquet
268Gering Legion juniors, seniors sweep Chadron in season opener
267Gering’s Mitchell completes athletic career with All-Star double dip
267Bayard basketball teams working hard
267Gering PVC Legion senor team ready to play tough this season
266Bearcats capture home invitational tournament
266Hemingford girls catch Mitchell in WTC tourney final
265Express wins own tourney
264Marquez caps legacy in Gering Legion baseball history
264Bearcats outplayed by Omaha Skutt, end winning season
264Banner County, strength in small numbers
262Bulldogs get new football coach
262Mitchell girls turn tables on Kimball, win WTC title - Tigers ride birthday girl Newens' 24 points to championship game victory
262Bearcats come close to state wrestling championship Hessler wins second title, Rodriguez first in leading runner-up Scottsbluff’s six medalists
261Alliance uses experience to top Gering wrestlers
261Twisters ready to take regional success to national level
261Gering wrestlers have strong individual days in dual tourney
261Area wrestlers compete well in large tournaments
261Three events, one week – local golfers get in their strokes
260Gering runner invited to join Team USA
260Bailey looks for Mitchell to be up to challenge
260Morrill girls stacked with seniors, talented underclassmen
259Worden makes Sports Illustrated
259Gering Platte Valley Companies wins two
258Bearcat boys ride early comeback, free throws to down Bulldogs: Olsson has double-double of 16 points, 19 rebounds for Gering; Kuxhausen perfect on 11 charity shots for SHS
258Minatare plans mud volleyball tourney
257Inaugural Monument Marathon attracts runners from 25 states: Nearly 400 runners test their mettle on Panhandle terrain
257Gering juniors plagued by 10-run rule against Casper
256Scottsbluff wins annual Twin City football rivalry
256Lady Bulldogs banking on competitive, physical players
256Holscher finished fourth at state tournament
255Gering and Scottsbluff soccer boys enjoy success
254Injury forces Arellano out of AAU national track meet
254Gering B&C Steel juniors improve performance
253Bearcats place second to McCook for second time in two weeks
252Bulldogs sweep Bearcats in home finales
252New Bayard coach looks for productive season
252Westco Twin Cities teams rebound from last-inning losses to Spearfish: Zephyrs unable to build on Game 2 win, swept at Rapid City; Express roll past Fort Morgan in pair
251Soccer season arrives with spring
251Super Hero Race a super success
251Bulldog grapple first place at Mitchell Invite
251WNCC women seeded third in national tournament
251Basketball teams resume schedules in tourneys: Gering in Sidney event, while Scottsbluff plays host to GNAC competition
251Bulldogs rally twice to sweep Bearcats
251Home no advantage for Express
250Gering shoots to defend winning season
250Lions looking forward to ‘much improved’ season
249Bulldog boys set records at Twilight Meet
249Marshmallow spit, sticky sweet fun
249Horseshoe pitchers toss up points for state tourney
248Host Scottsbluff wins invitational title in extra innings final
248Bulldogs’ quartet sign football letters with Chadron State: Gering’s Clark to play soccer at Midland; Mitchell’s Peters to run track at UNK
248Horseshoe Tournament returns to Oregon Trail Days
248Bicycling Buddies: Western Nebraska Bicycling Club builds bike community
247Zephyrs win pair of games in rain-shortened NTC Tournament Express earn first victory after three losses; weather washes out pair of weekend contests
246Street Vault open to all ages
245Bradley, Garcia fuel Minatare past Arcadia for 1st win
244Morrill Lion girls end nine-game winning streak at state
244WNCC men's basketball team inks all-staters from Utah
244WNCC volleyball team #1 in preseason rankings
243Golf coaches reflect on winning seasons
242Bearcats finish season 9-0 with romp over Sidney
242Gering takes third at B7 Tournament: Winners in B and C advance to state tourney in Cozad
241Basketball Hall of Fame Jamboree games feature triangulars in Gering
241Mitchell Sweeps Western Trails Conference Track Meet
240Andy Pepler 7th annual Memorial Tournament a big success at SBCC
240Albright headed for national derby
240Bulldogs rise to top of game with double crowns
240Bearcat girls bring strength and experience to the field
240Minatare boys headed to Lincoln
239Gering edges Scottsbluff in first girls' tennis triangular
239Mitchell boys, girls clench WTC track titles
239Gering B&C Steel defeats Spearfish and Alliance
238Bulldogs hold off Cardinals after blocked extra point
238Former Huskers to teach football camp
238Area atheletes compete in Western Conference and Best of the West track meets
238Mitchell wrestlers fourth, Bayard fifth in Bridgeport/Sidney meet
237Legion baseball teams open season this week
237Mitchell’s Zulkoski signs with EWC, looks to help rebuild program
237Seacats gain automatic times from Stark, relay Scottsbluff/Gering teams both finish third in conference meet
237Minatare makes sub-district final with win over Banner County
236Bluffs Broadcasting’s KOZY to broadcast Cougars games
236Bayard track team building on a strong tradition
236Invitational meet morphs into Bulldog/Bearcat tussle
235Banner County enters second year in six-man football
235Scottsbluff finishes 1, 2 at cross country finale
235Seacats sweep home duals, boys edged out at Cheyenne
235Howton signs with Midland
235Annual golf scramble ready to fill rosters
234G.G.S.A umpires call it like they see it
234Bearcats bitten by tough draw, finish 7th at state duals
234Bulldog boys rebuild with strong underclassmen
233Bayard Tigers track team
233Gering girls’ basketball back on court
233 Bearcat wrestlers take 4th in GNAC tournament: Adams sets state career win record
233WNCC volleyball captures Region IX South title
233Scottsbluff cagers off to strong starts, seek big years
232Local wrestlers claim state championships
232Bridgeport Alumni Basketball Tournament draws lots of teams, large crowd
232WNCC volleyball team sweeps Trinidad for 30th season win
232Bearcat harriers have high hopes again
232Gering girls make first place finish at Alliance
232Minatare wrestlers show good progress
232Westco teams excel in weekend tournaments
231Bearcats strike early, roll past Tigers 49-7
231Twin City Invite field ready for weekend competition
231Mitchell wins triangular, but Bayard wrestlers leave impact
231Bayard wrestlers win home dual, Mullen tourney titles
231Lady Lions Basketball ready to roll past competition
230Lady Cougars finish third at nationals
230Gering breaks two records at Chadron: Track season gets underway at Chadron Indoor Meet
230Seacats score eight secondary state times in opening meet
230Mitchell track team committed to hard work
229STATE CHAMPIONS: Bearcats spell state title run T-E-A-M
229Panhandle Football Camp great success
229Scottsbluff boys finish GNAC Tournament in 3rd: Young Bearcat girls go winless in tourney but show promise, host Gering on Tuesday
229Bearcat cross country runners sign letters of intent
228Bearcat boys capture state track crown
228Mitchell Tigers to expand attack, size up defense
228Schwartzkopf continues to break records at Mitchell: Cardona leads Mitchell girls in domination, Gering girls a distant second
227 Benson’s four TDs power Bearcats past Patriots
226Dunkel punts, Ferguson fullback for West football All-Stars
226Gering sees mixed results in weekend action
226Scottsbluff boys eye state berth
225Mud volleyball champions get down and dirty
225Scottsbluff girls overwhelm Gering
225Zephyrs, Express look to build as seasons progress
224Bayard Tigers and Minatare Indians drop openers
224FINAL POINT - When the weather outside is frightful …
224Gering, Scottsbluff compete at McCook Invite
223Bayard takes underdog role to Hastings-St. Cecilia
223Bayard, Scottsbluff wrestlers finish year at first state dual tourney
223Gering girls’ softball gets new head coach
223Bulldog wrestlers compete tough at Colorado duals tourney
222Morrill Lions working hard and having fun
221Bulldogs bounce back in Douglas game
221Bearcats go 1-2 in tough Gillette tournament
221Bearcat girl’s district champs after pair of comebacks: Scottsbluff rallies to defeat McCook, Sidney for state berth; Gering’s season ends to Red Raiders
221Scottsbluff boys ready to start strong
220Zephyrs need extra inning to down Gering Seniors
220Gering soccer teams get one win apiece in doubleheader: Bearcat boys rip Kearney Catholic, Bearcat girls see mixed results
219Krzyzanowski, Bearcats ride runner-up district finishes into state tournament
219Chadron spikers turn back Scottsbluff, win Mitchell Invite
219Area basketball round-up
219Zephyrs flame out in Area 7 Tourney
219Oregon Trail Park upgrades proposed
218Bearcat boys finish big season at state tournament
218Gering cross country teams bring home championship titles
218Scotts Bluff County Fair opens with Rodeo: Jace Melvin of South Dakota takes top honors over two nights of competition
217Morrill vaulter soars high at Bayard C-D meet
217Bearcat soccer rebuilding from loss of key players
216WNCC holds softball clinic
216Underdog Bearcat girls ready for state challenge
216Bulldogs place third in Greeley 3v3 soccer tournament
215Gering teams finish tourney with wins: Bulldog boys take 3rd, girls earn 5th in Sidney Shootout
215Wrestlers prep for districts
214Former Huskers share football knowledge
214Bearcat wrestlers earn runner-up GNAC finish
214Scottsbluff girl's soccer
214Benson sees great potential in Bearcats
213Bearcats return to state with experience on their side
213Bearcat netters look for continued, steady improvement
213Mitchell Golf team looks for life lessons in the game
213 Bayard returns strong group of wrestlers
213Seacat boys second, girls third at Kearney meet
213Tennis players to support diabetes group
212Bayard girls lead Class C, D representatives to state track meet
212Bayard prepares for strong season
212-There’s hope for junior players
212Sports Briefs
212Gering football ready to scrimmage
211Bulldogs’ Krzyzanowski 2nd, Bearcats 3rd in Class B
211Hickman-Norris celebrates first state Legion title
211Wrestlers prepare with Blue/Gold scrimmage: Open season Saturday at Wyoming invitational
211Former Sidney coach Ekart to coach Bulldog football team
210Cinco de Mayhem Rocks Scotts Bluff County Event Center
210Legion baseball swings into new season
210O’Boyle keeps Chadron State all in the family
210Gering tennis opens at home with Scottsbluff/Alliance triangular
209The 2013 Winter and Spring activities season in review: Another sparkling year for area youth, part 1
209Arellano scores two gold medals, one bronze, in AAU Regional track meet
209Scottsbluff tennis girls take second at home invite
208Bulldogs ready to move forward after pair of losses
208WNCC women's basketball team go 3-0 at Colby tourney
207Area girls’ tennis teams suffer losses on the road
207Bearcat tennis girls dominate Alliance triangular
207Senior golfers play Torrington
206Bearcats' Worden wins double Class B, All-Class state titles
206Bearcats’ Nation scores third state title, second for Adams
206Bayard ready to build on success
206Bulldogs softball team looks for strong season
206Bearcats earn District B-4 team title, have 5 gold medalists
206Banner County Lady Wildcats ready to hit the court
206G-Town basketball racks up wins
206Minatare boys keeping eyes on the prize
206Seventy years in the making: Minatare excited for Indians’ first trip to state basketball tourney since 1945
206Gering breaks two records at Chadron: Track season gets underway at Chadron Indoor Meet
205Bulldog mom initiates new scoreboard
205Twisters celebrate homecoming after ‘legendary’ season
205Area track athletes bounce back from bad weather
205Arellano readies prep running career with two state junior high gold medals
204Bulldogs give physical Patriots tough battle
204Area athletes fly at Best of the West
204Gering track teams ready for district challenge
204Bearcats' Moore signs golf letter with Metro State
204Mitchell uses Jamboree to prep for season openers
204Concussion topic of upcoming free seminar
203Ron Walker Mobil DJ wing GGSA 18U softball tournament
203Bulldogs shut out Red Raiders, playoff bound
203Hadden fuels Bearcats to 3rd straight Western Conference title
203Long week, trip supersede Seacat girls’ tough competition in Colorado
202Gering has eight victories at Mitchell track meet
2022012 Scotts Bluff County Fair - Mud Bog and ATV Racing
202Banner County wrestlers ready for action
202Seacats' Noah Miller dives way into state again: Scottsbluff/Gering teams both place 2nd in Twin City Invitational
202Bearcats clench win against Beatrice in playoff road game: Playoffs continue Friday with semi-final against Omaha-Skutt at Bearcat Stadium
201Bulldogs capture fourth straight Western Conference title
2013-D archery clubs welcome all ages
201Bearcat boys earn triple crown in season cross country opener
201Gering boys earn second in Cabela’s Holiday Tournament
200Clemens leads Bearcat boys past Smith, Bulldogs
200Gering Seniors douse Torrington, fall in four on road
2002012 Scotts Bluff County Fair - Weiner Dog Race
200Bombs away! Moreno shoots way up state record book
200Deter remembered by former wrestlers
200Mitchell girls’ golf ready to swing into action
199Mintare boys aim for MAC tournament title
199Gering girls plan to maximize returning strength
199Bearcat boys 3rd, girls 6th in GNAC Tournaments
199Gering girls working on tennis fundamentals
199Zephyrs win home tournament
198Lady Wildcats claim second MAC championship
198Bayard's Dechant wins Class C state long jump
198Gering gets warmed up in jamboree triangular: Bulldogs to open basketball season tonight against Chadron in conference tourney
198 Banner County fields young team
198Minatare boys bounce back after first loss
197A beautiful day to ‘Spring Up the Bluff’
197Scottsbluff teams get good warm-up against Kimball
197Banner County football team enters new division
197Gering, Scottsbluff players make All-Conference softball team
197Gering boys get big win over Chadron
197Defending WTC tourney champion Mitchell girls earn top seed
197Versatile Ramirez to play softball at North Platte CC
197Bearcats’ Kuxhausen gives full meaning to Shootout: Sophomore breaks Scottsbluff boys’ 3-point scoring record, scores 31 points in win at McCook
196 Scottsbluff, Gering golfers tie for 2nd in Cheyenne
196Mitchell Cross Country runners ready for season
196Morrill hosts nine teams at golf tournament
195Gering boys rally past Scottsbluff
195Mitchell rushes way to big victory
195Gering girls’ soccer to focus on team building
195Scottsbluff boys out battle Gering in district preview: Bearcat girls use early successes to roll past Bulldogs on SHS ‘Red-Out’ Night
195District champions again: Scottsbluff boys rally past upstart Alliance for fifth straight B-6 championship
195Minatare track team builds on strength and younger talent
195Area schools tune up with Early Bird track meet
194Wildcats finally taste victory with shutout win
194Learning the basics
194Gering softball feed raises funds
193Krzyzanowski, Schultz lead Bulldogs to own tourney win Gering tops Sidney by 5 strokes for 2nd title of year
193Scottsbluff boys win at North Platte
193New era begins for Bearcat softball
193Freeburg ready for Bulldog girls' opener against Bearcats
193Mud volleyball a hit in Minatare
193Westco Express gets second in Chadron tournament
192Area basketball teams end season at sub-districts
192AAI founder/CEO teaching Pure Performance in Panhandle
192Strong core will propel Lady Bulldogs through season
192Still young Bearcat spikers will keep improving
192Bearcats roll to third straight district title: Scottsbluff has three champs, eight total state qualifiers; Victor Ramos leads Gering pair to state
192Area seniors make college football commitments
191Scottsbluff, Gering in middle of Twilight pack
190Area runners demonstrate excellence on road
190Minatare boys take care of Arthur County, 57-18
190Bearcat boys play angry early, notch win over Bulldogs
189Gering boys' soccer team
189Former Lady Husker assists with volleyball camp
189Banner County track team ready to make tracks
189Smith’s double golds lead Bayard girls: Tigers’ runner-up relay adds to 4th-place team finish in Class C
189Hwy 92 Raceway hits mid-season
188Bearcat boys redeemed with win on the road
188Scottsbluff girls shake off Gering Bulldog girls
188Clemens, Greene lead all-star victories
188WNCC’s Sarah Hawryluk signs with Iowa State University
188Bulldogs look to build on positives from road loss: Gering bitten by GI Northwest passing game but scores defensive TD
188Area volleyball roundup...
188Gering finishes second, fourth at Mitchell Invite
188Bearcats look for solid teamwork to continue success
188Bulldog boys sweep East/West shootout
188Minatare volleyball will improve in D-2 ranks
188Seacats’ Maag scores two secondary times in Omaha Westside meet
187Scottsbluff scores big victory by running over Hastings
187Big Crash at HiWay 92 Raceway
187Gering Bulldogs soccer teams loaded with experience
187WNCC volleyball ends season at national tournament
187Gering basketball back in the winning groove
187Gering's Palomo, Mitchell's McVay ink letter of intents with WNCC basketball
186Bearcats' stellar season hits wall in playoffs
186Minatare boys enter MAC Tournament unbeaten
186Mitchell girls repeat as WTC champions
186Bayard BCD Track meet sees first place medals among area athletes
186Lady Tigers host Hemingford in season opener
186Scottsbluff wins cross country district meet: Gering’s Rebekkah Rawlings, Mitchell’s Celeste Cardona take district titles
185Bulldog girls score late, kick way to state
185Gering and Scottsbluff girls stay local for tennis action
185Bulldogs’ Olsson helps lead Red All-Star boys to victory
185 Gering wins B-8 District Volleyball Tournament
185Gering basketball teams suffer mid-season slump
185Cat/Dog Bowling teams qualify for state
185Gering soccer boys top Bearcat rivals
184Gering takes 3rd in Twin City tourney
184Gering, Scottsbluff girls undefeated for week
184Legion alumni celebrate Fourth with 15-6 explosion
184Bayard football plans roaring season in 2013
184Gering girls split game against Wyoming teams: Gering boys fall to Casper Kelly Walsh on the road
184Morrill golfers looking good
184WNCC men make comeback, but fall to No. 8 Salt Lake
183Gering boys avenge loss with win at Sidney
183Funds raised at the Jason Vesper Memorial Golf Tournament
183Bulldogs’ defense fuels sweep in Shoot-Out
1832012 Scotts Bluff County Fair - Rubber Check Race now 29 years old
183Lions get new lair, look for more improvement
183Minatare boys roll past Creek valley to stay unbeaten
183 Cougars prepare for upcoming basketball season
183Mitchell girls win Alliance Holiday Tourney title
183Ingram’s late goal keeps Scottsbluff boys unbeaten: Hat tricks by Ford, Wentz lift Bearcat girls to big first victory over Torrington
183Scottsbluff boys win Broken Bow track meet
182Bearcat boys take two of three on road in Shoot-Out
182Gering girls third in Twilight meet
182Gering girls big winners in conference meet
182Gering girls, Scottsbluff boys win in doubleheader
1822012 Scotts Bluff County Fair - Bull Riding
182Scottsbluff football players sign to play at next level - Six Bearcats commit to South Dakota, Chadron State, Midland
182Bulldogs eager to test their strength
182 Bearcat girls rise back to the top of Class B
182Bearcat football teammates college bound in different directions: Lofink commits to continue baseball career at WNCC, while Aratani to take gridiron talents to Iowa school
182Gilliland wins for Mitchell in Tigers’ home invitational
181Bearcat boys to play Thursday for state
181USA Wrestling continues to grow
181Gering, Scottsbluff girls score huge soccer victories
181Learning from all results spells success for Legion seniors
181Gering’s path to Area 7 finals relatively easy
181Minatare Indians young but excited for season
181Mitchell 2nd, Bayard 3rd in WTC Tournament
181Gering basketball boys continue to dominate court
181Good Luck at State, Lady Bearcats!
180Gering tracksters blow through Wyoming competition
180Third annual 3D archery shootout at Wildcat Hills
180Final Point: A fall season filled with heroes of all kinds
180Gering boys on early season roll
180Rubber Check Race and other wild fair fun
180WNCC offers softball camp
180Scottsbluff boys end soccer season
180Local tennis teams return from state tourney
180Bayard alumnus to serve as new coach
180Wildcat boys' basketball team brings intensity, focus
180Final Point: Girls’ sub-district brackets a presidential projection
179Sidney avenges earlier loss to Bulldog boys
179Coach: Bearcat girls have much to celebrate
179Gering sweeps team titles at Mitchell
179Young Indians hold on for wild 70-69 victory
179Lexington boys oust Scottsbluff after Bearcats down Bulldogs
179 Zephyrs post strong first week in July
179Gering opens season with loss at home
179Gering names two new coaches
179Winners of annual Bicycle Hill Climb
179Lions get first win with romp over Storm
179District B-6 action off, running for Bulldogs, Bearcats
179Bearcat boys ready for state tournament: First round offers familiar foe in Sidney despite Scottsbluff’s district championship
178Scottsbluff Bearcats win state title
178Gering's Smith takes all-star route back to diamond
178Scottsbluff hopes to repeat strong finish
177Bearcat girls hold on to end Lions' unbeaten run
177First week promises exciting season for Gering Legion baseball
177Gering boys golf ready to hit the green
177Gering 4x400 team takes gold at Class B State Track: Scottsbluff’s Barraza takes 1,600-meter crown, leading Bearcat boys’ 4th-place team finish
177Zephyrs enter loaded area tournament as No. 1 seed: Westco Twin Cities rebounds from tough Montana tourney to go 3-1 in wood bat event
177Scottsbluff wins first playoff round
177Bayard girls third at MAC, Morrill girls fourth in Panhandle
177Seacats place two relays in state meet consolations: Scottsbluff/Gering team, parents celebrate Selvey’s Special Olympics 50 freestyle victory
176USA Wrestling: Where Olympic journeys begin
176Gering soccer teams split with Scottsbluff
1762012 Scotts Bluff County Fair - Lawn Mower Races
176Area tennis teams see season’s start
175Banner County Wildcats surprise Minatare boys
175Scottsbluff boys edge Gering in Western Conference final
1752012 Scotts Bluff County Fair - PRCA Rodeo
175Lions complete royal sweep over Wildcats
175Scottsbluff, Bayard capture team district wrestling titles
175Bearcat wrestlers sweep through own dual meet
175Minatare places fourth in state basketball: Players, coaches, return with trophy, medals, memories
175Scottsbluff, Gering top Mitchell Invite
174Bulldogs third, Bearcats fifth at Alliance Invitational
174Lady Cougars to forfeit games, appeal pending
174Gering doubles team makes school history with state win
174Huge comeback leads West to victory
173Bulldog boys begin road swing with win at Alliance
173Final Point: Bearcat juniors bring class, talent to the gridiron
173Bearcats 3rd in district; Bulldogs’ Keller makes state
173Gering stays unbeaten after 6-3 victory Smith’s 2 field goals, 2 interceptions enough to stop Chadron
173Gering wrestlers compete well in East-West Challenge
173Summit to Summit race supports scholarships
172Gering girls team up for district title - Worden double champ
172Gering girls prevail 4-1 in rivalry match
172Scottsbluff's Barraza wins state cross country title
172Mitchell Tigers ready to roar
172Start your engines: The races begin at Hiway 92 Raceway Park
172Seacats sweep team results at McCook Quad
172Mitchell girls score big victory at Chadron
171Gering fends off Lexington for Rhodes' first victory
171Final Point: A night to celebrate the best of Gering
171Bulldogs' Smith, Schwartzkopf lead area District B-8 football selections
171Area football players learn from the best
170Bearcats capture pair of double-digit victories
170Sidney avenges earlier loss to Bulldog boys
170Bayard's Stuart makes best in long-awaited all-star appearance
170Young Gering, Mitchell boys’ teams look for answers in openers
170Gering falls to McCook on the road
170Seacats’ performance strong in Omaha
170Gering to host regional tournament
170Minatare boys crowned MAC champions
170Seacat Selvey wins top honors in Lincoln
169Scottsbluff girls press out win over Gering
169Gering outlasts Sidney for chance at state tourney
169District track champions, again: Bulldog girls repeat, Bearcat boys return to top
169Bearcat boys take 2nd in state track team race
169Mitchell makes C1-12 sub-district finals after win over Valentine
169Bearcat track teams off to good start
169 New coach looks to successful year for Bearcats
169Bayard wrestlers capture Banner County tourney title
169Gering soccer: win some, lose some
168Scottsbluff girls edge Morrill in county battle
168Weather prevails for Binfield races
168Bulldog girls one win away from state tourney
168Gering scores first goal at state but falls to Skutt
168Gering Seniors one win from state championship Pitchers, batters , fielders pace Senior 36ers’ first 3 wins
168Bearcat girls golf anticipates big season
168A district grand slam for Scottsbluff Bearcats: Bearcats lead top-seeded Bulldogs from start to finish, win 4th straight B-6 title
168York takes Class B championship, leads Bearcats to 7th state title: Gering’s Rahmig ties for 5th, Bulldogs finish 8th
168Versatility leads Bearcat boys to Western Conference title Young Bulldogs put aside first two losses to claim seventh place with win over Mitchell
168Bearcat girls golf opens with big win
167Bulldogs ready to make a state-ment in Lincoln
167Gering Basketball teams participate in East/West Shootout
167Bearcats and Bulldogs perform well at McCook Invite
167Gering places 3rd in North Platte golf meet; Bearcats win Cheyenne tourney, remain unbeaten in 3 events
167Area Football: Bearcats, Lions, Indians and Wildcats get wins
167Gering volleyball wins one, loses two
167Minatare gridders garner all-state honors: Area athletes make all-conference, district teams
167Gering wrestlers have tough weekend on, off mat
167Bearcat boys drill McCook, Lexington in Shootout
167Balanced Bearcats ready to face challenges at state tournament
167Bearcats’ Wills signs to continue soccer career with Cougars
167Morrill netters use veteran strength in training younger players
167Gering grapplers poised for success in opening tourney
167Seacat boys log Wyoming wins; prep for Twin City Invitational
167Bearcats, struggle at season-ending state duals
167Gering and Scottsbluff compete in GNAC soccer tournament
166Bearcat girls' perfect streak reaches 12 before loss
166Mitchell takes Morrill down
166Gering boys lead local soccer teams in season openers
166Gering, Mitchell girls hit the court for scrimmages
166Holscher scores 2 wins in Alliance Tri for young Bearcats
166Gering Booster Club holds annual kick off picnic
166Three-pointer by Palomo lifts Gering to victory
166Gering, Scottsbluff open tennis season at McCook
166Bearcat boys score big home sweep over Alliance, Sidney: Kuxhausen’s six 3-pointers carry Scottsbluff to second win of season over Red Raiders
166Heart Association ‘Red-Out’ celebration Friday at SHS-Gering games
166Scottsbluff girls hand shutout loss to Gering girls’ soccer
165Krzyzanowski remains perfect after win in GHS tourney
165Bearcats' record-setting season ends at state
165Bulldogs savor state experience despite loss
165Taylor Muncie qualifies for State twice
165Bridgeport outplays Bayard to capture C2-12 sub-district title
165Gering’s Miller dives after state honors, Seacats record
165Mitchell ready for successful golf season
165Winning Deter Dynasty team had pair with links to legendary coach
165 Volleyball season ends for Gering at Grand Island: Gering runs into undefeated Northwest, swept in sub-state
165Scottsbluff boys corral Alliance for big victory
165 Minatare Indian gridders headed to semifinals
165All Points West: Silver lining playbook, Bo still has a chance to go 10-2
164Gering boys get back on winning track
164Gering girls fall to Chadron in OT of tourney finale
164Five Mile Run continues to draw large crowd
164Bearcats go undefeated at Torrington dual meet
164Gering Soccer vs Newcastle, Grand Island CC and Norfolk Lutheran/Catholic
163The Jason Vesper Memorial Golf Classic in this Saturday
163Adams leads runner-up Bearcats with 3rd state title - Hessler also state champ for SHS; Bulldogs’ Holt places 3rd
163Gering track building on strong foundation
163Scottsbluff boys take 2 hard losses, Bearcat girls fall on road
163Gering Legion team builds momentum
163Gering head softball coach
163Gering boys see win over Torrington
162Gering girls ready for big track season
162Hot day but cool times at Old West Roundball Hoopla 2011
162Final Point: When the Friday night lights stay dark
162Special teams decide Kimball’s win over Mitchell: Area football roundup
162Scottsbluff boys ride district title into state track meet
162 Gering ready to host Class B State Legion Tournament
162Upstart Bayard works its way into sub-district final match
162Banner County teams prepare winning season
162Bulldogs Rahmig, Thompson sign with respective RMAC schools Rahmig to continue golf career at Chadron State, Thompson to play softball at Black Hills State
162Rhodes resigns as Gering head football coach
162Gering boys win two games in east/west shootout
162Lady Bulldogs win first district game
161Gering finds the zone for victory over Alliance
161Bearcats bring winning experience, attitude
161Bearcats’ Klein, Maag lead B-8 football team; four Bulldogs on 1st team
161New coach to lead Gering girls’ golf
161Volleyball teams get seasons rolling: Bulldogs 2-4, Bearcats 3-4 following tough tournament action in Wyoming
161 Gering coach changes up tennis team, sees results
161Bulldogs erupt for four-set victory: Scottsbluff rallies to split first two games before Gering sweeps last two
161Bearcat boys earn split with Cheyenne teams while girls get swept
161WNCC men fall to Lamar 84-81
160Gering girls look to build off tough loss
160Gering girls snap slide with win over Sidney
160Senior team improves season to 4-1 after weekend tournament
160Senior Legion 36ers back on winning streak
160Big bats, great defense life Gering over Oshkosh
160Twisters capture Wyoming state title
160Missouri takes top honors at the Cal Ripkin regional tournament
159Counter up: Two state medals for Seacat
159Cougar Golf Classic sees wide participation
159PVC Seniors look to find niche as postseason nears
159WNCC soccer teams open pre-season practice with depth
159Gering golfers look to build on first-meet results
159Minatare wrestlers work on mental strength, prepare for state
159Bearcat wrestlers dominate Bulldogs in dual: Rains scores pin for Gering's lone victory; Scottsbluff has 6 wins by fall
159Gering falls in three sets to Firth Norris at substate match
158Gering soccer girls district champions!
158Gering-influenced West sweeps all-star volleyball match
158Area Volleyball Action
158Bearcats ousted in first round of state tournament
158Gering 11 and under team wins Cal Ripkin state tourney
158Congrats GGSA Champions
157Old West Roundball Hoopla at Gardner Park
157Gering to receive tennis team
157Rulon Gardner to speak in Bayard
157Lady Bulldogs ready for district softball action
157Seacat boys back in action, split pair of duals at Cheyenne
157Scottsbluff girls’ tennis planning to net winning season
157Early Birds catch good marks at Morrill
157Area tennis teams wrap up regular season
157Scottsbluff runners claim UNK Invitational title
157Gering netters strike three of four wins in hot season
157Women’s Work
157Bearcat boys undefeated after weekend wins
157Experienced Bearcats dominate youthful Bulldogs in dual: Freshman Onstott steps up a weight, scores Gering’s lone victory with first-period pin fall
157Seacats make big splashes in home meet
157Bearcat girls earn home victory over Sidney, Raider boys take out Scottsbluff
157Red-White Game: Punter Foltz to play big; Huskers sort through QBs
157Cougars split matches in Iowa tourney
156Gering boys take two of three on Shoot-Out road trip
156Gering 12U erupts in third game of Father's Day Classic tournament
156Gering girls extend record to 6-1 with out of town wins
156Holloway powers Bearcats to district golf title
156Bayard returns strong core team
156Minatare Indians eye a return to playoffs
156Bearcats unable to hold back Bison, 24-14
156Gering loses in dogfight with Alliance
156Bearcats, Tigers earn super-state, all-state cross country honors
156WNCC's Rasnic named North Division Coach of the Year
156Bearcat boys crank up offense, take down Raiders
156EWC highlights upcoming community education youth camps
155Bearcat girls win back-to-back games to open the new year
155Gering girls keep growing, win third straight
155Gering girls' week on road opens with win
155Shooting sports club grows its membership
155Scottsbluff claims 2nd boys' golf state team title in 4 years
155Adams' bid for 4th gold leads Bearcat plans
155Gering freshman boys win district, girls runners-up
155Legion 36ers rack up the wins in last leg of season
155Gering Seniors rout Alumni, prep for Area 7 tournament
155Bearcat girls rally to claim Western Conference consolation title: Mitchell finishes fourth after opening win over Scottsbluff, while Gering finishes in sixth
154State basketball opening game
154Gering junior varsity runner takes fourth at Sidney Invite
154Bulldogs hoopsters sweep Torrington
154Scottsbluff splits final games in GNAC tourney: Bearcat girls get first win, boys lose two straight
154Gering PVC snaps slide with comeback win
154Twisters win Nebraska state tournament
154Gering survives Chadron rally for season’s first win
154Gering girls shake off early rust, roll past Scottsbluff
154Minatare boys look forward after sub-district final loss
154Gering, Scottsbluff soccer teams post road wins
154Zephyrs rally to win slugfest at Greeley
154Indians, Tigers, Wildcats gain Minuteman Athletic Conference football honors
154Scottsbluff girls dominate court with win at Gering
154Bulldogs fall to Sidney in tough road battle
153GGSA 10U and 13U Softball tournament
153Vesper fundraiser golf tournament a success
153Gering gets decisive win over Scottsbluff
153Indians unable to capitalize against Wolves, fall 46-30
153GNAC Tournament proves tough for soccer teams: Scottsbluff teams both finish 6th, Gering teams 7th after all earn splits in consolation play
153Mud volleyball tournament ends another successful year
153Younger Gering falls to well-stocked GINW
153Gering’s comeback falls short against Adams Central
153Scottsbluff goes 1-1 at home tennis triangular
153Bulldogs fall twice to Bison in district finals: Gering finishes season with third straight 20-win year; Scottsbluff also goes 2-2 in tournament
153Mitchell girls get C1-12 win, place in finals
152Gering runners gear up for districts at Cheyenne meet
152Holiday basketball: Gering at Sidney, Scottsbluff at GNAC
152Minatare Cheerleaders win State
152Seacats take 2nd in GNAC: Hastings wins 100 breaststroke to make state
152B&C Steel Juniors fight to the 10th inning
152Bearcats get good warmups against Longhorns Scottsbluff opens season against Mitchell tonight in conference tourney
151Scott places in first two Soap Box Derby events
151Soccer hope still alive for Lady Bulldogs
151Tennis players of all ages play in Special Olympics
151Gering boys ready for sophomore tennis season
151Bearcats start busy soccer season
151Gering netters end three-game winning streak
151Cardinals rally to down Bearcats for conference title
151Bearcats pick off Bulldogs to claim district title: Scottsbluff earns No. 4 playoff seed, first-round home game Friday vs. Aurora
151All Points West: Young AD on fans’ hot seat
150Gering’s Jacobs claims tournament title
150Best of spring sports awards
150PRCA Rodeo champions give exciting show
150Final Point: Klein a leader on playing fields, in the SHS hallways
150Gering Bulldogs raided by Sidney hoopsters
150Gering Boys earn runner up in Western Conference Tournament
150Bulldog boys clip Chadron’s wins, Lady Bulldogs fall
150Bulldog, Bearcat wrestlers fare well out of state: Bayard takes 4th in tough Mitchell Invitational
150Final Point: Harris nets big junior season for state-bound Bearcats
150Young coaches lead a successful season
150Indians meet Lions on home turf
150Gering boys, girls fall to Sidney
150Gering’s Spreier signs with WNCC for volleyball
150Gering softball edged in Aurora final
149Sweet-to-sour fielding costs Senior Legion; Alliance rallies 7-6
149Gering falls to tough Helena team
149WNCC women find success at Ambassador Classic in Colby, Kansas
149Hort 7th in Bulldogs’ golf debut
149Schlothauer strikes hole in one at Monument Shadows
149Morrill wrestlers strong contenders in Class D
149Seacats prepare for Twin City meet, freshmen score well at Cheyenne
149Bulldog hoopsters defeat Alliance visitors
149Zephyrs capture title in home NTC Tournament
149Wildcat Lady's ready to roar this season
149Young Seacats look to gain state meet experience
148 Gering girls rebound from rivalry
148Bulldogs watch state fate decided: On to Lincoln, thanks to Bearcats
148Gering Legion baseball roundup
148Bayard brings young talent to varsity
148Gering wins Western Conference golf title
148Wrestling round up
148Lady Bulldogs advance to district championship
148Gering soccer season comes to an end
148Minatare Indians rely on veteran players
148Scottsbluff holds off Gering rally to win 5-set match
148Lion boys building strength, experience
148Doubles team records successful season
148All Points West: Luck is not a factor at state wrestling tourney
147Bearcats fall in playoff
147The Mitchell Tigers boys’ track team
147Road treats area tennis teams well
147Mitchell, Bayard earn volleyball victories
147Minatare boys split weekend with Bayard, Hyannis
146Morrill Girls Advance to C2-6 District Final
146Unbeaten: Scottsbluff boys, Chadron girls score big
146Minatare finishes strong
146All-Western Conference teams announced
146Gering graduate Boswell returns to golf course as Bulldogs girls' coach
146 Minatare gains last Six-Man playoff berth: Scottsbluff, Bayard make postseason despite regular-season ending losses
146Bearcats sweep Bulldogs on separate fields
146Wildcats Tennis Club gears up for Laramie
146WNCC soccer teams opened up practice Monday with talented teams
146York, Rahmig make Super-State golf team
146Bearcats ousted by wildcard Sidney at state tourney: One basket away leaves Bearcats short at buzzer
145Minatare downs Maywood, scores first win. Area Football Round-up
145Miller, Wiebe lead Seacats to 2nd-place finish in Twin City Invite
145Bearcat boys ride Moreno's 9 treys past Bulldogs - Gering girls score season-high 57 points in turning back Scottsbluff
145Lady Bulldogs earn runner up at District B6 basketball playoffs
145District B-6 tournament races wide open
145Gering Seniors open season with three wins in home PVC Tournament
145Bearcats, Bulldogs shoot team bests, earn first, second at Gering meet
145Gering stays scrappy against McCook in difficult season
144Sidney and Mitchell take titles at BCD
144Gering Senior team falls in last home game
144Cats tame the Dogs in annual rivalry game
144Bayard falls short of playoff with loss to Kimball
144Wiebe medals twice, Miller places at state
144Wildcats Tennis Club ready for Mountain Tournament
144Tennis teams have busy weekend
144Young Minatare team gets elusive first win
144Mitchell earns 2nd team title by winning Morrill tourney
144Gering falls to Hastings in tough season opener
144Morrill cross country team trying new sport
144Sports briefs
144Bearcats, Bulldogs, Tigers make All-Conference football list
143Final Point: Legion’s state championship run was for ‘Mags’
143Guzman’s all-purpose performance fuels Bulldogs past Tigers: Senior scores game-clinching TD on 49-yard punt return
143Gering wins home finale over Bridgeport
143It's soap box derby time
143Zephyrs top seed , host for Senior Area A-7 tournament
143Banged-up Bulldogs grapple way to 10th at Valentine tourney
143Mitchell golfers win Bayard title
143Zephyrs win in blowout against Fort Morgan
143Gering Booster Club to host 12th annual scramble July 10
143Legion seniors fall short in B7 tournament
142Bearcat girls a perfect 10 wins for 2011
142Hemingford Ends Bridgeport Girls’ Season
142Gering girls win district track title
142Gering golfers 2nd at North Platte; Krzyzanowski wins
142Bulldogs' rally fest ends with 27-24 victory
142Bearcats' Benson to coach in relocated Shrine Bowl
142Bearcat boys prep for another state run
142Zephyrs have tough weekend, busy week before Gering game Tuesday
142Seacats sweep team titles in McCook Quad
142Bulldogs soccer teams log weekend wins
142WNCC volleyball players ink commitments to continue play
142The Citizen's Top Team
142Gorsuch displays items at EWC
141Gering girls take fifth win in seven games, face Scottsbluff on Friday
141Senior team goes on six game slide, bounces back with three straight
141Gering PVC seniors finish season in final four play at state
141Gering suffers road loss in playoffs
141Lady Bulldogs drop state tourney opener
141Scottsbluff boys, Gering girls ready to run for state meet success
141First-year Bulldogs, Bearcats look to build on state tennis experiences
141Bayard boys score weekend sweep
141Panhandle Prep All-Stars: Hadden paces Red boys, Grentz leads Blue girls
141Week-taxed Seacats dominate action in sweeping duals
141Sharp-shooting Bearcat boys rip nets against Cardinals: Chadron girls ride game-opening 35-point rally to win; Mitchell, Bayard score Friday night sweeps
141Senior Legion team faces defeat against Westco Zephyrs
141Westco Zephyrs, Express have strong week
141Wildcat cross country program turns page
141Bearcats hang on to turn back Vikings
141Jordan and the Bearcats: A winning combination
140Local 12 and under teams end season at regional tournament
140Gering Legion completes state championship dream season - 36ers avenge loss to Roncalli with 5-1 victory
140Balanced Bulldogs attack cleans up Dusters, 40-20 Gering scores Rhodes’ second straight, season-opening road victory
140Bulldogs sweep Blazers for 4th wins
140Krzyzanowski makes semifinals of state match play tourney
140State tourney host Gering gets swept out
140Twisters battle Missouri team 4 times, take 2nd in USSSA World Series
140Lady Bulldogs make quick work of Alliance
140Volleyball teams finish regular seasons, await playoff berths
140Scottsbluff boys score sweep over Cheyenne opponents
140Gering goes 1-1 at Chadron tournament
140East takes home gold for second year in a row
140Deter Dynasty golf scramble aims to honor a legend
140Gering volleyball splits matches at triangular
140Bearcats withstand Huskies’ rally to earn 37-29 victory
140Minatare comes back to beat Hyannis; secures playoff game
139Mitchell boys hold off Bridgeport
139Minatare Indians trounce Blue Knights
139Coaches host Gering wrestling camp alongside former Division I All-American wrestler Bunch
139Boys D2-12 Roundup
139Bearcats fend off late rally to remain unbeaten: Scottsbluff downs Northwest 23-21, plays Gering on Friday
139 Bulldogs make expanded Class B sub-state volleyball playoffs
139Bearcats edge Raiders to capture conference, Chadron golf titles
139Gering falls to Lexington in home opener
139Mitchell girls, boys score sweep over Torrington
138Gering PVC Seniors Area Champions - Again! - 36ers headed to 3rd straight state tourney
138Gering softball team 3rd in North Platte tourney: Bulldogs take 2 run-rule wins over Bearcats in 3 days
138Young Bearcat netters learn from tough GNAC competition
138Thompson calls Shrine soccer game 'eye-opening experience'
138Tennis team compete well at invitational
138Football season ends for Valley’s trio of playoff teams
138Minatare boys overcome 4th-quarter deficits to reach sub-district final: Indians hold on to defeat Garden County, play Leyton on Thursday; all other area teams eliminated
138Zephyrs end winning streak
138Rawlings clenches title at Sidney: Mitchell junior Edward Grentz wins boy’s division
138Minatare leads area teams with playoff hopes
138Bayard earns first-round wins in Tigers’ initial MAC tournament
137Bearcats open with shutout of Minutemen
137Area volleyball round up
137Bayard, Morrill girls have seasons end in C2 sub-district action
137Zephyrs split doubleheader at Ogallala
137Gering rallies but falls short in overtime against Lexington
137Bulldogs sweep the Bearcats in exciting home contests
137Gering girls to play for district championship: Bulldogs need overtime to top Bearcats in B-8 semifinal, play at Holdrege today for state berth
137Learning from the loss: Gering, Scottsbluff finding good in season’s end
137Bearcats take third, Tigers finish ninth at state golf tourney
137Zephyrs’ week leads to mixed results
137Teeing Off: The many doors opened through golf
137Bulldogs to host Blue/Gold Gatorade Scrimmage
137Butler paces Bulldogs past Cards after Gering takes tourney runner-up
137Bulldog, Bearcat netters see tough competition at Scottsbluff Invitational Tournament
137Bulldogs avenge Thursday loss to Bearcats, take runner-up at North Platte Classic
137Area football teams wrap up season
136Annual alumni game
136Andy Pepler Memorial golf tournament this weekend
136Gering Seniors get back on the winning track
136The Gering girls' track team
136Zephyrs open season
136Zephyrs thwart Gering's early rally, win 12-2
136Cougars sign more height for mens’ basketball
136Tough battle with McCook leaves Zephyrs on top
136WNCC Canales names new head volleyball coach
136Bayard rallies to down Mitchell in Tiger Bowl
136Bearcats tame Tigers in wild shootout
136Scottsbluff tennis places fifth at tourney
136WNCC volleyball earns No. 7 seed, will play Arizona Western in first round
135Copsey signs for WNCC
135Bearcats sweep Chase County, eye GNAC tourney
135Area football round up
135Krzyzanowski commits to golf scholarship at South Dakota
135Bearcats undefeated after sweep in Wyo. tournament; area teams see action
135Scottsbluff boys win two, girls one in Shoot Out action
135Indians counting on numbers for track and field success
135Bulldogs 2nd, Bearcats 3rd after tiebreak in Scottsbluff Tourney: Gothenburg awarded tournament title on runs allowed by each of the 4-1 teams
135West Nebraska All-Stars donate game proceeds to local organizations
135Minatare boys seeded one in MAC tourney
135Public school sports open to all students under new bill
134Unbeaten Bearcats make complete-game statement: Scottsbluff wins 32-8 at Aurora in battle of 4-0 teams
134Lady Cougar hoopsters move to 4-0
134WNCC men, women split contests at Northwest Kansas
134Bayard looks for improvement this season
134Gering girls finish GNAC tourney in 5th place
134Bearcats shine brightly in home golf tourney
134Gering boys prepare for season opener against Scottsbluff
134Zephyrs win four games to sweep Kelley Bean Classic
134Gering spikers finish strong in Gillette tourney
134Minatare rolls past Banner County, 66-31
134Tennis teams finish at state
134All Points West: Huskers look for one last reward, to be heroes
133WNCC to host soccer camp
133Zephyrs' rally from opening loss falls short
133Scottsbluff brings home win at Gering Invite
133Bulldogs' Pierce to run track, cross country for Midland University
133Bulldog, Bearcat sluggers hammer opponents
133 Valley natives fuel Chadron State win
132District champ Krzyzanowski leads Bulldogs to state golf: Rahmig, Bayne also medal, pacing Gering to 2nd-place finish
132Tennis girls ready to play role of spoiler
132Field improvements to lure Bulldogs softball teams
132Gering, Westco juniors fall in tournament play
132Bulldog girls earn runner up at B-6 District Tournament
132Gering Juniors defeat Sidney, Ogallala
132Bulldogs fall on the road to host Chadron
132Bearcat girls break scoring record with big win
131Former Huskers share football knowledge
131Bulldog sluggers score wins at McCook, over Chadron at home
131Gering, Scottsbluff netters prep for state competition
131Lady Cougars looking good at early volleyball practices
131Big 4th quarter lifts Minatare to victory: Banner County learns from 6-man opener, romps past Cody-Kilgore
131Bearcat girls’ tennis assistant Burford to lead boys’ team
131Scrappy, second-half comebacks put ‘Dogs, ‘Cats into district finals
131Final Point: Bayard golf team gains big Czech mark with Konvicka
130Gering queens of the diamond in SHS Invitational
130Krzyzanowski wins 6th meet of year at Alliance: Scottsbluff takes 5th team title of season, Gering finishes in 2nd
130WNCC names Godemann Distinguished Alumnus of the Year
130Mitchell boys fend off Bayard for 4th straight win
130Season winds down for high school tennis
129Former Bulldogs, now former Cougars, move on to play for Midland University Warriors
129Kimball golfers win WTC Tourney
129Final Point: Awesome autumnal athletes thrive in team, individual roles
129Seacats sweep team titles, girls’ races in McCook Quad
129Winkler signs to play football at Nebraska Wesleyan
129O'Boyle brings championship experience to young Gering team
129Minatare boys rally to down Leyton, end losing streak: Pep rally, WNCC routines fire up home Indians crowd for doubleheader
129Legion seniors see 6-game winning streak
129 Lady Tigers working on the basics
129York leads Bearcat golfers to another pair of wins: Gering senior Sam Rahmig takes third in two meets
128Sugar Valley Rally announces winners
128Mitchell man earns Doane football honor
128Gering emerges as top dog beating Alliance 14-7
128Scottsbluff girls' season ends in district opener - Banner County wins sub-district opener but falls in semifinals
128FINAL POINT - Hadden, Hinze part of state-bound Bearcats’ versatility
128Morrill has high expectations
128Zephyrs ride 4-game streak into Gering game
128Bearcat girls climb elusive victory hill in routing Alliance: Scottsbluff boys beat Bulldogs on road; Bearcat teams get swept by Red Raiders
128Bonuchi steps down as Bulldogs softball coach
128Zephyrs swept out of tough tourney: Westco Twin Cities’ opponents advance in Area 7 Tournament
128Bearcats ignite early on way to shutout win at Lexington
128Minatare falls to Riverside in season opener
128 Bulldogs down Bearcats in 4 sets
128Lady Indians see increase in talent, numbers
127Gering advances to district finals
127Minatare boys rediscover winning ways in home stretch of season
127Gering golfers gaining experience -- finally - after the snowy weather blows out
127WNCC soccer teams opens practice for coming season
127Gering girls charge full steam ahead
127UNMC surgeon: pitcher injuries preventable
126Bulldogs suffer close losses in Sidney
126Scottsbluff boys finish regular season with win at Torrington
126BEARCATS SILVER IN STATE TOURNAMENT - South Sioux City rallies to edge Scottsbluff in heart-felt title game of comeback teams
126Scottsbluff track and field team wins invite
126Knock down in G-Town
126Monument Marathon picking up steam
126Bulldogs, Bearcats gain a victory apiece before wash out
126Scottsbluff’s Aratani to play in 56th Annual Shrine Bowl of Nebraska
126Tickets on sale for West Nebraska All-Star games
125Banner County meets Hay Springs
125Sports events held at WNCC
125Gering Juniors keep learning after 2-2 B&C Steel Tourney
125Bearcats erase deficit to top Bulldogs in 5 sets
125Gering 8th grade boys basketball teams earn wins
125The agony and ecstasy of playoff basketball - Alliance rallies late in 2nd OT to end Gering boys’ season
125All Points West: Nebraska’s ready for a leader in Armstrong
125WNCC women go to 7-0 with big win over Colorado Northwestern
124Bulldogs sweep Bearcats in season-opening doubleheader
124Gering Bulldogs fall short against Sidney 44-24
124Scottsbluff football coach Joe Benson named assistant coach in Shrine Bowl
124Seacats ready to give their best shot at state meet
124A DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP TRIPLE CROWN - Bearcats cool down hot-shooting Bison, earn No. 1 seed for state
124Results for the 5th Annual Wildcat Hills 3-D Shootout
124Gering PVC Seniors' lead washed out by thunderstorms
124Pro rodeo gallops into Mitchell
124Gering’s Butler 1-hits Chadron in 9-0 win: Bulldogs ride 7-run, outburst in 3rd inning, 2 home runs to gain 2nd home victory
124All Points West: Have no fear in the year of Ameer
123Krzyzanowski repeats as Best in the West after winning playoff
123Bulldogs rally to beat Bearcats in District B-6 tourney
123Bayard claims fourth team title this season
123Twisters roaring through softball competition
123Barr’s Bacon Wrapped Fantasy Picks
123Seacats get off to strong start at Hastings meet
123Bulldog, Bearcat golfers preparing for districts
123USTA tennis club prepares for coming meets
123All Points West: Can Abdullah inspire Huskers?
123Thanks for a great season Indians
122Bulldogs look to learn from loss to Bison
122Twin City volleyball hosts finish back in the pack: Losses leave Gering in 8th while Scottsbluff wins consolation pool; Mitchell wins Morrill tourney
122Scottsbluff boys sweep Western Conference, Gering girls second
122Ill-depleted Tigers fall at Perkins County: Area football roundup
122Lady Cougars earn second seed at volleyball nationals
122Gering Girls 8TH Grade Basketball Starts Season Strong
122Bulldog basketball: win some, lose some
122Gering netters building court experience
122Gering Seniors to use area tourney as state host tune-up
122FINAL POINT - Gering gains praise as host, hard work for Legion state tournament
122Minatare boys win opener to earn split of season-opening doubleheader
121Concussion law passed
121Rhodes: Losses, not tie-break, cost Bulldogs playoff berth
121Cross country teams head to districts
121All Points West: Blackshirts can’t take a play off
121All Points West: What’s your sports fantasy?
120Bearcats prepare for battle of unbeatens at Aurora
120Final Point: To err is human, but let’s still make this right
120Bearcats take consolation prize at Blazer Duals
120Arch-rivals split shutout victories
120Scottsbluff places four in top 10 to win team title at Sidney
120Sidney road contest leaves Bulldogs disappointed
120Gering volleyball team to host varsity scrimmage, line judge clinic
120Gering JV golfers capture Bridgeport tourney title: Douglas leads Bayard to WTC crown; York-led Bearcats win at Alliance
119Bulldogs finish season with 3rd-place district finish
119Bearcat girls fall short of Alliance in first round district action
119WNCC volleyball team ranked No. 7 in pre-season polls
119Bulldogs finish fourth in Twin City Invitational
119Bearcats drive 55 in shutting out Bulldogs: Scottsbluff in position to win fourth district title in five years; Gering plays host to Sidney
118Gering netters outlast Scottsbluff
118Pilkington ties for 11th at Class C State Golf Tournament
118Scottsbluff bearcat boys' basketball team
118Mitchell girls scrappy with seasoned returners
117Bayard Girls Stopped by Morrill in Subdistricts
117Bulldog golfers score season-best at Ogallala: Krzyzanowski wins 3rd straight medalist title
117Bearcats let out new-year’s roar with pair of victories
117Scottsbluff golfers place second in opening Sidney tourney
117Bearcats drive past Red Raiders in District B-8 opener: Scottsbluff will take 6-1 record, co-district lead into Friday’s Twin Cities battle against Gering
116Final Point: This year, it’s a team effort for Bulldog golfers
116Area athletes earn NCA All-State honors
116Morrill sweeps Banner County in consolation games at Harrison
116Bulldogs begin fall conditioning
116 Lady Cougars gearing up for season with two-a-days
116Congratulations and good luck, Bearcats
115Huffman signs on to the University of Sioux Falls
115WNCC softball falls in Region IX Championship
115Twisters the queens of Mountain States Tourney
115Twisters complete memorable season
115Wrestlers converge on Cougar Palace for Scottsbluff Duals
115Seacats’ Miller medals in state diving competition: Woolsey breaks girls’ school record in 100 backstroke among team’s many personal-best times
114Reaching new heights
1143-D Shootout this weekend
114Experienced Bearcats ready to finally take to course
114Bayard Tigers boys' basketball team
114Scottsbluff golfers off to good start with win, runner-up finish
114Gering B&C Steel juniors gain more success this week
114Bulldogs’ potential 20th win will have to wait: Thunderstorm washes out Gering’s regular-season finale; district tourney awaits Bulldogs next week
114All Points West: Husker fans teach the meaning of die hard
113WNCC kids' basketball camp
113Barr’s Bacon Wrapped Fantasy Picks
113Senior diver Miller leads Seacats’ returnees
113 Bearcats, Bulldogs shine in district golf tournament:Scottsbluff wins team title, while Gering finishes third; Rahmig outduels York for medalist honors
113Bulldog, Bearcat softball teams ready for district action
112Zephyrs hold off Gering Seniors for 13th straight win:Two errors allow 36ers to avoid shutout in 7th inning but leave Gering short 4-3
112Teeing Off: Saying thank you to my heroes
112Runner-up Douglas sets pace for Tiger golfers
111Scottsbluff soccer teams score weekend victories prior to GNAC Tournament
111O’Boyle signs up to play basketball at Chadron
110Mitchell boys, girls sweep Bayard
110Krzyzanowski finishes prep career as 4th state medalist, Rahmig 15th : Scottsbluff 3rd as team, young Gering squad finishes in 4th
110Gering girls, boys win in Bulldog scrap
110Seacat boys finish eighth in Omaha
110Bayard golf girls' season in full swing
110 Bearcat golfers take 2nd in Casper tourney
109Lady Bulldogs District Champs!
109Bearcats post win over Sidney
109Minatare Indians plan to turn up the heat
109Bayard boys' golf team
109Forest Service and major league baseball team up to improve equipment
109Gering falls to Chadron in home opener
109Scottsbluff tennis boys finish strong
108Mitchell claims wrestling championship at home invite
108Gering rips Alliance for 20th victory
108Olympic athletes to host sports clinic
108Rahmig repeats as Best of the West champion: Bearcats win playoff to capture GNAC title; York earns tourney medalist honor
107Bearcats outrush Bulldogs to win offensive slugfest: Speedy Alliance attack leaves Scottsbluff defense vulnerable
107Hot-shooting Bearcats sweep Sidney, Alliance
107Satur signs on the dotted line for WNCC
107Gering Junior High will be hosting a football camp
106Gering draws top seed for district tournament: Young Bearcats learn from tough GNAC softball competition
106Lady Cougars volleyball finishes runner-up at national tournament
106Zephyrs run into tough competition at state
105Cougar men fall to Casper 88-82
105Czech out this year’s Bayard golf team!: Exchange student’s victory leads Tigers to Mitchell tourney team title
105Smith’s 4-gold effort paces Bayard girls
105Bulldogs preparing for season
104FINAL POINT : Thank you for making this opportunity and area great
104Gering names new football coach
103Fun in the mud
103Banner County Wildcats boys' basketball team
102 Lady Cougars capture 15th straight regional title
101WNCC baseball team splits with Lamar
100Five WNCC soccer players earn all-region honors
100All Points West: Huskers get away with giveaways
99Legion boys hitting season stride
99All Points West: Born a fan
99Fall Frolic plans run/walk events October 18
98Mitchell teams take 3rd at Alliance
98Area athletes selected to all star teams
98All Points West: Papuchis should demand perfection
97Bayard boys' track team
97B&C Steel Junior 36ers head to state after 3-2 win
97Seacat girls place 7th place at Greeley meet
97Gearing up for softball
97Senior ladies participate in Torrington golf outing
96Bayard Boys, Girls defeat Leyton
96CCS Eagles win MAC championship
96Bearcat golfers secure first place at Alliance
96All Points West: Huskers make memories happen
95Hitting the target
94Bulldog freshmen top Bearcats 28-12
93Husker greats impart football know how
93Gering girl's 10-U softball champions
93WNCC women sweep Dawson
92Area volleyball teams have busy week, playing 42 sets combined
92FINAL POINT—Terry Gaston: Tourney parent: 'You don't realize what you have out here'
91Gering eighth grade boys trounce Sidney
91WNCC softball wins two against Colby
91EWC Foundation Golf Tournament Results
90Cougar men top Salt Lake
90The Record Breakers
89Gering girls finish softball season
89Bayard teams eliminated early at Chadron Classic
89Seacats improve against tough foes
89Senior ladies golf association holds outing in Morrill
88Lady Cougars top North Idaho in five sets, capture fifth at nationals
87Cheering on the Bulldogs
87Iron Chukars to host Halloween Horseshoe Tournament Saturday
86Shooting in 3D
86Senior ladies open golf season
86Bearcat golfers take second, headed to state: Bulldog boys end season at district tournament
85Gering PVC round-up
84EWC coach named coach of the year
83Cougar Golf Classic set for June
82Cougars prepare for upcoming season opener
82Final Point: Seeds for postseason volleyball tourneys full of projections
81Scottsbluff boys advance in district tourney
80Coach Burda steps down
77Dodgeball Tournament to benefit United Way
76Midwest Theater to show Husker documentary
75Scottbluff's Ty Benson inks with WNCC baseball
74Senior ladies compete at Chadron tourney
74Volleyball conditioning to begin
72Scottsbluff shuts down McCook 17-7
70Legion Seniors get a break
68WNCC volleyball goes 4-0 at Western Wyoming Tourney
67WNCC to hold soccer camps
34Bearcats give Max output: Mason scores 3 TDS in 41-0 drubbing of Lexington Minutemen
28Bearcat golfers swing for more big wins
24’Dogs fall to Tigers in opener: Gering’s Ekart says team making strides despite 25-14 loss
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