Many people usually ask themselves, “Why do you need to convert your army? They already look stunning,”. This is true; however, there is no better feeling than facing off your truly unique army against your opponent. Regardless of whether you will lose or win, you will still walk away from that table having being granted a sense of accomplishment knowing that you have lost or won looking amazing. Having said that, I will discuss doing miniature conversions and what you need to know when converting them.

1. Begin with a good concept or theme

The first step in miniature conversion is to develop a concept or theme for your army force. The last thing you want is a ramshackle army that seems like it doesn’t belong together. If you spend enough time thinking about the thematic aspect of your army, you will get better results than if you commit to painting the characters without first developing a design for each of the classes in your army.

Do you want free people from a certain realm? Do you intend to play slaves to darkness? Or do you want to design your chapter of space marines? By clearly understanding how you’d like your force to be, you will be able to create a one-of-a-kind force that will certainly create a lasting impression on your opponents.

2. Obtain the appropriate tools and materials for conversion

You will need compatible tools and materials such as a great hobby knife, glue, clippers, and mold line remover. In addition, you will require a fine saw, a strong thin wire, greenstuff molds, a hand drill, and files or sandpaper. The fine saw will be used to cut smaller teeth and the sandpaper or files will be used to achieve a fine and smooth finish. For the pieces of the characters, we advise you to use the Kromlech bits on Let us explain why.

3. Obtain the exact miniatures and Kromlech bits

Obviously, you must have the minis that you will be converting. The easiest way here is to begin with the miniature that you want the final result to represent. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Depending on your initial idea, obtain the miniatures that will suit your final product suitably. The best miniature bits and pet supplements can be found at

Therefore, depending on your planned concept, begin sourcing for the models and Kromlech bits that you will require. A great idea here is to begin by looking at the miniatures as a collection of Kromlech bits that you can design as per your imagination rather than completed models.

Follow these guidelines to maintain consistency throughout your Kromlech bits conversion. These few tips are a sure way of getting your conversion project going. Kromlech miniatures and pet supplements are the best conversion parts for fantasy and futuristic miniature games. These minis and bits are compatible with numerous ranges of miniatures.